Caterpillar introduces the new GSH425 and GSH525 Orange Peel Grapples with horizontal cylinders for the MH3037 among others. The GSH425/525 series is the successor of the GSH20B series that it replaces. The modern design has increased the strength and reliability even further while offering a better shape for penetration and filling of bulk materials.

There is a choice of shells with four or five tines, in semi-closed and closed design. The improved rotation function ensures reliable and improved performance. The grapples can be used for a wide range of applications such as handling shredded scrap, long structural beams or car bodies, or for handling waste at recycling and transfer stations as well as handling rocks at construction sites.

“Increasing environmental regulation, growing pressure to recycle materials and challenging market conditions are factors that are forcing recycling companies to look for more efficient ways to deal with scrap and waste on site,” says Scott Rosengaard, Product Application Specialist, Caterpillar Work Tools. “The new Cat® GSH-series grapples – with their different tine options – are the efficient solution for both scrap and waste handling work, bringing all-around versatility.”

Improved durability

The GSH-series grapples are designed for heavy-duty scrap and waste environments, so they're built to last, protecting your investment. They're made of high-grade, impact-resistant steel, and care has been taken to strengthen or protect vulnerable areas such as the hydraulic components. For added durability, we've included high-quality bushings with lubrication grooves and hardened pins. The new GSH425/525-series Orange Peel Grapples feature fully protected hydraulic cylinders and a choice of tines. The main features are:

New tine design – New tines have been designed to improve durability and handling of materials. Committed to offering a grapple for every application, the new series is available with four or five tines and semi-closed and closed grab tines. The tines feature easy-to-replace casted tine tips that are made out of BHN 445-555 material to reduce tip wear.

Robust structure – The structure of the grapple has been improved with a more solid hinge point construction and more durable end-stops.

Improved hose routing – The hose routing inside the tines has been improved to reduce hose wear during operation.

Mounting bracket aid – All mounting brackets feature a solid pin to keep the bracket in the upright position for ease of installation.

Lifteye as standard – The new GSH grapple features a lifting eye as standard on the bottom of the housing that improves the versatility of the grapple. For instance, a magnet can be mounted.

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