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How to Reduce Fatigue and quantify Your Fatigue & Distraction Risk in Mining with Fatigue Technology

Implementing Technologies to Reduce Operator Fatigue & Distraction

When PotashCorp experienced a fatigue-related incident, the company decided to conduct a fatigue risk assessment in order to gain visibility to mitigate incidents and optimize productivity. Hear how PotashCorp utilized the technology to open communication with employees and reduce fatigue risk on a jobsite.



Fatigue technology enables management to capture and mitigate the symptom of fatigue when it occurs however, technology alone cannot reduce operator fatigue risk. Companies seeking sustainable fatigue risk management need to consider ways to impact the decisions and behaviours employees make about sleep and fatigue outside of work, in conjunction with providing immediate fatigue intervention strategies.

Learn more about using fatigue technology in conjunction with employee education to significantly reduce operator fatigue risk in the Reducing Fatigue Risk White Paper.

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Reducing Fatigue Risk White Paper

How to Reduce Fatigue Risk White Paper by Caterpillar Safety Services

Want to host operational fatigue meetings that are "too important to cut short". Find out how mining operators are mitigating their risk and protecting employees from fatigue by integrating technology and employee education programs.

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Fatigue Risk Assessment

Fatigue Risk Assessment

Learn about the risk of fatigue and distraction in your operations by implementing a Fatigue Risk Assessment.

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