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From humble beginnings in 1961, Highline Mushrooms has become the largest organic mushroom grower in Canada, with ten farms that produce more than two million pounds of mushrooms per week. Today, Highline remains at the forefront of advances in the mushroom industry, from highly developed cropping techniques to state-of-the-art growing technology.

One of its farms in Crossfield, Alberta contains 16 growing rooms responsible for producing 130,000 pounds of mushrooms weekly. Highline Mushrooms typically experiences two or three power outages each year that can last more than four hours. But because mushrooms require very specific temperatures and humidity levels at different stages of growth, Highline can’t afford to lose power in its growing areas.


For more than four decades, Highline relied on a secondhand 670 kW Cat® diesel generator set for backup power. When the unit needed to be replaced in early 2019, Highline worked with local Cat dealer Finning Canada to acquire a new generator set of the same model. However, since the modern version of the genset would not fit in the existing enclosure, Bryce Burgeson, the Finning electric power sales representative, suggested a new C18 generator set.

“Compared to other brands with a similar power output, the C18 is efficient without impacting power capacity, and it has a smaller footprint, increased fuel efficiency and, most importantly, lower upfront capital costs, which is a huge benefit to the customer,” Burgeson says.

Ultimately, Finning technicians helped identify and assist with the necessary modifications to the enclosure to house the new C18 generator set. Highline Mushrooms plans to add an additional 16 growing rooms to its Crossfield farm in the future, along with another Cat generator set to supply backup power to the new area.

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Cat® C18 Diesel Generator Set

Cat® C18 Diesel Generator Set

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