Cat® 326D2 Excavator Features Heavy-Duty Structures, Powerful Hydraulics, Fuel-Saving Design, and Optimum Operator Comfort

Cat® 326D2 Excavator Features Heavy-Duty Structures, Powerful Hydraulics, Fuel-Saving Design, and Optimum Operator Comfort

For Release in Africa, Middle East, CIS: September 2014
Release Number: 177PR14

The new Cat® 326D2 hydraulic excavator delivers customer value by combining high productivity, versatility and low operating costs with exceptional reliability. With a maximum operating weight of 26 345 kg (non ROPS), the 326D2 uses the Cat C7.1 engine, which is rated at 140 kW (ISO 9249), meets exhaust emissions equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II, and China Tier 2 emission regulations and is equipped with a three-stage fuel-filtration system for optimum protection of fuel-delivery components. Premium features include cross-sensing hydraulics for greater efficiency, robust major structures for long-term durability, ergonomic cab for increased productivity, and simplified routine maintenance for reduced operating costs.

Engine and hydraulics
The Cat C7.1 engine features a robust common-rail fuel-injection system protected by a three-stage filtration system for optimum reliability, and an electric fuel-priming pump simplifies filter changes. Fuel saving features includes automatic engine speed control that reduces rpm during no-load/light-load conditions and an ECO Mode that tailors the machine for exceptional fuel economy. The High Horsepower Mode delivers maximum power for demanding tasks.

The 326D2 pilot-operated hydraulic system provides 35 MPa main pressure and flow rates as great as 494 L/min for optimum hydraulic power in difficult applications. Dual main pumps continuously utilize 100 percent of engine power. Regeneration valves in the boom-down and stick-in circuits speed cycles, reduce hydraulic flow requirements, and conserve fuel, while cylinder snubbers cushion shock in these circuits. Auxiliary hydraulic valve sections allow adding high- and medium-pressure circuits for work tools.

Depending on the region, the excavator is available with a standard undercarriage, designated the 326D2, or a long undercarriage, designated the 326D2 L. The massive, X-shaped, box-section carbody provides resistance to stress as it transfers working forces from the rugged upper mainframe to the high-strength track-roller frames. Structural welds are 95 percent robotic, achieving three times the penetration of manual welds. Both the standard and long undercarriages feature heavy-duty components, with sealed-and-lubricated track rollers and grease-lubricated/sealed track chains.

Also depending on the region, both the standard 5.9-meter reach boom and heavy-duty 5.9-meter reach boom have two stick options (2.95 m, 2.5 m) to tailor the front linkage to the task, and a mass-excavation 5.3-meter boom with its mass 2.5-meter stick deliver superior digging forces and permit the use of a larger bucket. In addition, a Super Long Reach front linkage features a 10.2-meter boom and 7.85-meter stick. All booms and sticks use box-section construction with high-tensile-strength steel to provide optimum digging forces, combined with optimum digging envelopes, for a range of excavating applications.

Cat buckets and ground-engaging tools for the 326D2 are designed to optimize production and reduce fuel consumption. Buckets include: general-duty for low-impact, moderately abrasive materials; heavy-duty for mixed materials and cohesive soils; severe-duty for highly abrasive materials; and extreme-duty for exceptionally abrasive conditions. Work tools include shears, grapples, hammers and compactors.

Operator environment
An ergonomically designed  cab features low-effort joysticks, large glass areas to enhance all-around visibility, automatic bi-level air conditioner with defroster, and a full-color LCD monitor that is 40 percent larger, compared with the previous monitor, has enhanced resolution and serves as the display for an available rearview camera system. Mechanical or suspension seats are available and can be adjusted to accommodate operator size and weight. For operator convenience, joystick consoles are adjustable and viscous-rubber mounts between the cab and frame minimize sound and vibration.

Serviceability and technology
To enhance serviceability, filter- and fluid-change intervals are displayed on the main menu of the monitor, and most routine service points are located at ground level—including access for cleaning to the radiator, oil cooler and charge-air cooler. An easy-access, remote-greasing block on the boom delivers lubrication to difficult-to-reach components, promoting safety and ensuring that all linkage points are serviced to reduce wear and to extend component life. S∙O∙SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports allow technicians to collect reliable samples of hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant for analysis, and the Caterpillar Electronic Technician service tool is conveniently connected behind the cab.

A number of Cat Connect technologies are available to enhance excavator operation and management. Product Link™ provides essential machine operation data through VisionLink® software. Information includes machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes. Factory-installed GRADE technologies combine digital design data, in-cab guidance and automatic machine control to help operators attain grades faster. Similarly, the dealer-installed AccuGrade™ system provides an easy-to-read display for real-time cut/fill data, whether Depth and Slope Guidance for simple 2D planes and slopes or GNSS for complex 3D designs. Cat Detect technologies combine safety features and alerts to enhance site safety.


326D2/D2 LExcavator Specifications


Cat C7.1


Net power – ISO 9249

140 kW


Operating weight, min.

24 815 kg*


Operating weight, max.

26 345 kg**


Drawbar pull

227 kN


Main hydraulic pressure

35 MPa


Maximum hydraulic flow

494 L/min


Max. digging depth, range

6 400 mm* to 14 590 mm***


Max reach at ground level, range

9740 mm* to 18 300 mm***


* Reach configuration
** Mass configuration
*** SLR configuration


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