Cat® 336D2 GC Designed to Deliver Optimum Value for Machine Owners

Cat® 336D2 GC Designed to Deliver Optimum Value for Machine Owners

For Release in Africa, Middle East, CIS: July 2015
Release Number: 232PR15

The new Cat® 336D2 GC hydraulic excavator, with an operating weight of 32 900 kg, is designed for optimum customer value, delivering high production in a varied range of difficult applications, while greatly reducing fuel consumption in Eco-mode. Optimized structures throughout and an exceptionally strong undercarriage ensure long-term durability, and field-proven components guarantee day-to-day reliability. A range of work tools extends versatility, and a spacious cab enhances operator comfort, convenience, and safety. Available Cat Connect technologies, enhance overall machine efficiency and job-site safety.

The 336D2 GC uses the fuel-efficient Cat C9 ACERT™ engine, rated at 208 kW (ISO14396) that has been designed to meet U.S. EPA Tier 2 and E.U. Stage II equivalent emission standards. Electronic control of fuel and air systems ensures optimum power, and the engine’s constant speed contributes to fuel economy and reduced sound levels, Engine speed is reduced automatically during light-load conditions for further fuel savings. A new three-stage fuel-filtration system effectively removes contaminants from potentially low-quality fuel, resulting in minimal downtime and optimum protection of the engine and fuel-system components.

Operating at a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa and producing optimized fluid flows from each of two large pumps, the 336D2 GC’s hydraulic system develops ample power to handle a range of buckets and work tools. For added efficiency and fuel savings, an electric pressure sensor reduces pump flow during light-load conditions, and regeneration valves in the boom and stick circuits efficiently recycle hydraulic fluid to lessen loads on the pumps. An optional auxiliary-hydraulic system adds versatility with its ability to handle powered work tools.


The 336D2 GC’s optimized mainframe is reinforced in high-stress areas, such as the boom foot, and its massive carbody is designed for strength and durability.  Exceptionally heavy track frames form the undercarriage’s foundation which uses premium steel components in conjunction with grease-lubricated track chains that reduce undercarriage noise and internal wear.

The optimized front linkage, a 6.5-m reach boom and 2.8-m stick, features structures fabricated of high-strength-steel in a box-section, multi-plate construction with internal baffles for added durability in severe applications. The linkage also uses castings and forgings in high-stress areas and is fitted with high-strength, large-diameter, abrasion-resistant pivot pins that can easily be serviced.

The versatile 336D2 GC can use a wide range of pin-on or coupler-type buckets and work tools to fit the machine for optimum performance and durability in its working environment. Buckets feature precise geometry for easy loading, which speeds digging cycles, increases production, and conserves fuel. Work tools options include hammers, grapples, shears, multi-processors, compactors, and rippers. Cat couplers allow the operator to quickly change work tools and move from task to task for optimum machine utilization.

Operator environment

The ergonomically designed operator station is spacious, quiet, and comfortable. It is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD monitor (42-language capability) that presents critical operating information, low-effort joystick controls, automatic climate-control, and a suspension seat that is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of operators. Positive, filtered ventilation keeps in-cab air fresh, and pressurization seals out dust and dirt.

Large windows ensure all-around visibility and promote job site safety. Viscous rubber cab mounts dampen both vibration and sound transmitted to the operator station, further enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

For the operator’s safety, the hydraulic-activation lever locks out all hydraulic functions to prevent inadvertent movement, and a ground-level switch can be used to shut down the engine in an emergency. A full-length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine, and anti-skid plates with countersunk bolts on flat stepping surfaces are designed to prevent slips.


The integrated technologies of Cat Connect are designed to assist in improving three key areas: fleet management; productivity; and safety. LINK technologies include Product Link™, which provides access to management information such as machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, and event codes via the online VisionLink® user interface.


An electric priming pump eliminates the need to fill fuel filters before installation, and Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•SSM) ports are easily accessible and allow collecting samples from circulating systems. The radiator and oil cooler are positioned side-by-side to facilitate cleaning. Spin-on fuel and oil filters are reached from ground levels, and hydraulic filters are encapsulated and provide an alert when service is required. Wide service doors that latch in place for safety provide access to service compartments, and routine grease points are reached easily from ground level.

Machine Specifications



Power (ISO 14396)

208 kW (279 hp)

Net Power (ISO 9249)

201 kW (270 hp)

Operating weight

32 900 kg

Main relief pressure    

35 MPa

Maximum hyd. flow

2 x 281 L/min

Digging depth

7110  mm

Horizontal reach

10750 mm


1.64 m³  

Drawbar pull

302 kN

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