Cat® 340D2 L Designed for Maximum Fuel Savings, Reduced Operating Costs, Long-Term Durability, and Powerful Hydraulic Performance

Cat® 340D2 L Designed for Maximum Fuel Savings, Reduced Operating Costs, Long-Term Durability, and Powerful Hydraulic Performance

For Release in Africa, Middle East, CIS: July 2014
Release Number: 194PR14

The new Cat® 340D2 L hydraulic excavator, replacing the 340D L, builds on the productive performance and durability of its predecessor with a more refined hydraulic system and a fuel-efficient Cat C9 engine that meets U.S EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II, and China Tier 2 emissions standards. The new model, with an operating weight of  40 270 kg (88,780 lb) features massive structural components; heavy-duty undercarriage; a selection of booms, sticks, and work tools for optimum versatility; and a spacious, comfortable cab with low-effort, pilot-operated joysticks and a pressurization system for a dust-free environment.

The 340D2 L's 200 kW (270 hp) C9 engine, with a field-proven reputation for powerful, reliable performance, is an estimated 7 percent more fuel efficient than the predecessor engine. Fuel savings result from an isochronous engine speed & torque control system that reduces engine speed during no-load or light-load conditions, as well as from a new electric pressure sensor in the implement hydraulic system that can detect pump load demand precisely to improve system efficiency.

The C9 engine also features a new three-stage fuel-filtration system to ensure reliable performance in operating areas where fuel quality is less than optimum. In addition, filter-service intervals are currently the same and the number of filters increased for a longer life of fuel system components.  An electric priming pump simplifies filter changes by eliminating the need to fill filters with fuel before installation and possibly introducing contamination.

The 340D2 L's powerful implement hydraulic system operates at a relief pressure of 35 000 kPa (5,076 psi) and produces maximum flow of 530 L/min. (140 gpm) to efficiently handle a variety of work tools. High- and medium-pressure control circuits are available to facilitate tool use. The operator can choose between two working modes, High Hydraulic Power or Economy, to match machine performance to the application. For further fuel savings and overall operating efficiency, the 340D2 L uses boom and stick regeneration circuits that significantly reduce the load on the hydraulic pumps.

Structures and Performance
Front linkage for the 340D2 L is designed for flexibility, high production, and efficiency in a variety of applications. The 6.5 m (21.50 ft.) heavy-duty reach boom is available with a 3.2 m (10.50 ft.) heavy duty general purpose stick. In addition, a mass excavation front linkage uses a 6.18 m (20.25 ft.) boom which can be equipped with either a 2.55 m (8.33 ft.) or a 2.15 m (7.05 ft) stick for use with high capacity buckets.

The mass excavation 340D2 L with its 8 450 kg counterweight can be fitted with heavy duty buckets (2.60 m³ and 2.69 m³) for optimal performance.

The 340D2 L has the distinguished Heavy Duty High Wide undercarriage. The wide and durable Cat undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability and high ground clearance in rocky work environments, bringing the upper frame in a safer high position.

Operator environment
For operator comfort and convenience, the ergonomically designed cab is pressurized with filtered air to keep the interior clean in dusty working environments, and the cab is equipped with standard air conditioning. The monitor is a full-color LCD that presents an intuitive interface for the operator to observe the machine's operating status; information is displayed in 28 languages to meet the needs of a diverse work force.

Viscous rubber mounts that attach the cab shell to the frame dampen vibration and sound to enhance operator comfort. In addition, thick steel tubing along the bottom perimeter of the cab resists structural fatigue and adds to the 340D2 L's overall durability. The cab design provides excellent visibility for the operator, and visibility is further enhanced by affixing glass directly to the cab, eliminating the need for frames. Pillar-mounted wipers also contribute to visibility.

Most routine maintenance points for the 340D2 L are easily and safely accessible at ground level, with large service doors in the upper structure providing access to hydraulic pumps, pilot filter, fuel filters, and cooling components. A centralized greasing block facilitates lubrication of difficult-to-access areas. A reserve tank and drain cock are attached to the radiator for simplified service. Ports for the 340D2 L's S∙O∙SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) system allow conveniently drawing samples from circulating fluid.

To protect technicians when servicing the machine, the radiator fan is surrounded by a wire-mesh guard, and anti-skid plates on upper-structure surfaces reduce the risk of slipping. Available safety/security items include door and cap locks, backup camera and mirrors, secondary engine-shut-off switch, beacons, and the Cat One-Key security system.

Cat Connect makes smart use of technology and services to help improve jobsite efficiency. LINK technologies, like Product Link™ system helps fleet owners manage equipment productivity and lower owning and operating costs through the online VisionLink® interface by tracking critical items, such as location, hours, fuel usage, diagnostic codes, and idle time .

Machine Specifications


Cat C9


Gross power, kW (hp)

200 (270)


Operating weight, kg (lb.)*

40 270 (88,780)


Max. dig depth, mm (ft.)**

7 322 (24)


Max. fwd reach, mm (ft)**

11 084 (36.3)


Hyd. flow, L/min (gpm)

530 (140)


Hyd. pressure, kPa (psi)

35 000 (5,076)


* Long undercarriage with 8450 kg counterweight    
** Reach boom/R3.2DB arm

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