Caterpillar Expands Next Generation Mini Excavator Range with Two New Models (7-10 tons) Offering Configuration Choices and Premium Features


Caterpillar Expands Next Generation Mini Excavator Range with Two New Models (7-10 tons) Offering Configuration Choices and Premium Features

For Release in Africa, Middle East, Eurasia: February 2019
Release Number: 38PR19

The Cat® range of Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators has been expanded with the addition of two new models in the 7-to-10-ton category. The new models provide a selection of basic configurations, allowing customers to choose the machine that works most efficiently in applications routinely encountered. As with all Cat Next Generation mini excavators, the new models feature heavy duty main structures, fuel efficient engines, load sensing hydraulics, spacious cabs, and the exclusive Caterpillar stick steer system. The overall design goal for Next Generation models is to ensure optimum value for the customer in terms of performance, operator experience, serviceability, and affordability.

The new 307.5, weighs from 7532 kg to 8233 kg depending upon configuration, it is a standard tail swing model with a fixed boom, powered by a Cat C2.4 turbo diesel engine rated at 41.7 net kW (55.9 net hp). It can be ordered with a standard stick delivering a 4107 mm dig depth or a long stick that increases the depth by approximately 560 mm.

Also new to the range is a 310 weighing between 9601 kg to 10182 kg, and featuring a fixed boom, standard tail swing, and twin blade cylinders for handling heavy duty dozing chores.

This machine uses the Cat C3.3 diesel engine rated at 52.4 net kW (70.3 net hp) and has a dig depth of 5174 mm.

Operator environment

The design of Cat Next Generation mini excavators emphasizes operator comfort, convenience, and safety. The 307.5 and 310 are fitted with cabs, sealed and pressurized to ensure a clean environment, and feature a redesigned heating/ventilating/air conditioning system that ensures all-weather climate control. Suspension seats, with a retractable, wide seatbelt are standard, and the operating consoles feature adjustable wrist rests. In-cab sound levels are 72 dB(A).

Intuitive controls include the Next Generation LCD monitor that provides easy-to-read machine information and features a jog-dial for easy navigation, including setting personal operating preferences. For added convenience, a standard control-pattern changer allows operators to quickly adapt the machine to their favored joystick movement. A machine security system is standard, available as key with pass code or push-to-start with fob. The machine can also be Bluetooth enabled through the radio.

The large front window slides upward and stores conveniently overhead, and expansive glass areas on the sides and rear of the cab, plus a skylight, provide all-around visibility. A rear-view camera can be integrated into the monitor.

An exclusive feature for new Next Generation models is the standard Cat stick steer system, which allows the operator to switch (with the touch of a button) from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to low-effort joystick control. Automatic two-speed travel is standard, as is a cruise control system that further simplifies machine travel.

The cab's protective structures—ROPS (ISO 12117-2:2008); TOPS (ISO 12117:1997); and top guard (ISO 10262:1998 Level II)—are designed to promote a safe working environment for the operator, and controls are protected via a hydraulic lock-out. Halogen boom lights help illuminate the work area, and optional LED lights, front and rear, help to further enhance visibility. The easy-to-transport Next Generation models also feature tie-down points on the track frames to facilitate securing the machine.

Premium performance

The new Next Generation mini excavators use an efficient, fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic system with an electronically controlled variable-displacement piston pump capable of oil flows up to 167 L/min (44 gpm) in the 307.5 and 233 L/min. (62 gpm) in the 310 model. Generous flow rates, coupled with high main-relief pressures, provide the new models with the hydraulic capacity to generate increased travel performance, and higher digging and lifting forces, as well as to handle powered attachments.

For added versatility, the standard auxiliary hydraulic system (complete with quick-disconnect lines) provides one-way, two-way, and continuous flow. Manual and hydraulic couplers are available, and the new models are available with a thumb-ready package and a certified lifting eye. Front-shovel operation, a capability that lends an extra measure of precision when digging around utilities, can be accomplished with both pin-on and coupler-mounted buckets.

The 307.5 comes equipped with a standard undercarriage length of 2880 mm and the 310 is equipped with a long undercarriage (3301 mm), designed for added stability.

A dozer blade further expands the capability of the new models, allowing the machine to handle backfilling and grading tasks. The blade features ample travel, above and below ground, and has a float function. Major structures for the Next Generation mini machines—upper and lower frames, track frames, boom, and stick—are patterned after their larger Cat excavator counterparts and designed for long-term durability.

Routine maintenance check points are accessible at ground level through the side doors, and the battery is maintenance-free. Side panels are flat and recessed to protect them from damage and have been designed for easy replacement. 


Product Specifications




Min. weight, kg (lb.)

7 532


9 601


Max. weight, kg (lb.)

8 223


10 182


Tail swing



Dig depth, std. mm (in.)

4 107


5 174


Dig depth, long, mm (ft.)

4 649





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