Caterpillar Launches New Cat® 306.5 Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavator

New model expands Mini Hydraulic Excavator line, delivers industry-leading performance.

For Release in Africa, Middle East, Eurasia: March 2020  
Release Number: 220PR20

The new Cat® 306.5 Mini Hydraulic Excavator marks Caterpillar’s entry within the 6-tonne class offering in Africa, Middle East and Eurasia. Designed with an improved customer experience in mind, the 306.5 mini excavator is built to exceed customer expectations with strong performance, enhanced operator experience and simplified maintenance with extended service intervals. With standard exclusive features like Stick Steer and a new Next Generation LCD monitor, it provides a great value for customers and boasts versatility with industry leading performance.

The new mini excavator features heavy-duty main structures, a fuel-efficient engine, load-sensing hydraulics, a spacious sealed and pressurised cab, and exclusive Cat Stick Steer system. It shares a similar controls layout and common components with the full line of Cat Next Generation mini excavators to simplify training, offer quick adaptation for operation, and lower owning/operating costs. 

The 306.5 delivers a maximum dig depth of 3 902 mm (153.6 in) and 6 175 kg (13,614 lb) operating weight. Built with a fixed boom, this Next Generation mini excavator has a standard radius 1 585 mm (62.4 in) tail swing with counterweight to provide stability.

Elevating performance standards

Offering big performance features in a mini excavator, the new Cat 306.5 delivers lift performance of up to 2 115 kg (4,662.7 lb) at a 3 m (9.8 ft) radius. Enhanced uphill swing torque and increased cycle times provide greater productivity and efficiency.

The machine’s fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic system with an electronically controlled variable-displacement piston pump generates 104 L/min (27.4 gal/min) hydraulic oil flow. It offers the hydraulic capacity for increased travel performance and higher digging forces than competitive units.

The Cat C2.4 turbo diesel engine rated at 34.9 kW (46.8 net hp) powers the new 306.5 mini excavator. It features a power-dense design and delivers consistent performance through a wide speed range. Automatic engine idle and shutdown features help to save on fuel consumption.

Operating efficiency

The design of the new 306.5 Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavator emphasizes operator comfort, convenience and safety. Its sealed and pressurised cabin lowers in-cab operating noise levels to 72 dB(A) and is heated and has an improved air-conditioning system to elevate operator comfort regardless of outside temperatures. The cab Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS), Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS) and top guard combine to promote a safe working environment for the operator.

Offering the ability to set personal operating preferences, new Next Gen standard LCD monitor provides easy-to-read machine information, jog-dial for simple navigation and standard Bluetooth® capability. The colour monitor gives the operator critical operating details such as fuel, coolant temperature, hour meter, performance and machine adjustments, and maintenance and machine monitoring.  

With the touch of a button, the operator can switch from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to the standard Cat exclusive Stick Steer system. Stick Steer provides improved operator control with less effort to advance operating simplicity and comfort. The new cruise control feature allows for ergonomic comfort and less fatigue during longer travel distances. For convenience, the intuitive pattern changer allows operators to select their preferred joystick movement for controlling the 306.5 mini excavator.

Featuring ample travel, above and below grade operation and float function, the machine’s blade efficiently handles loose material in backfilling and grading applications. Leveraging the machine’s front shovel capability delivers the extra precision required when digging around utilities.

Enhanced service, lower costs

The new 306.5 Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavator shares common components with models in the Cat mini excavator line to lower repair cost, decrease service time and reduce repair parts inventory. Major machine structures – upper and lower frames, track frames, boom and sick – are modeled after its larger Cat excavator counterparts for long-term durability. Recessed to protect from damage in the field, robust flat side panels offer long service life and quick, easy replacement to lower owning and operating costs.

Ground-level access to maintenance checkpoints offers convenient access, while enhancing worker safety. Industry-leading grease intervals help to shorten the daily service routine, so this mini excavator gets to work faster. Extended filter service life means the 306.5 mini excavator spends less time in the service shop for routine maintenance.

For more information on the new Cat 306.5 Next Gen Mini Hydraulic Excavator, visit your local Cat dealer or www.cat.com

306.5 Product Specifications


Cat C2.4 Turbo


Net power kW



Operating weight, cab, kg

6 175


Tail swing



Dig depth, standard, mm

3 902


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