New Cat® D9 GC Dozer
New Cat® D9 GC Dozer

New Cat® D9 GC Dozer delivers reliable performance in easy-to-operate, economical design


For Release in Africa, Middle East, CIS, India, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia: October 2020
Release Number: 830PR20

The new Cat® D9 GC Dozer is built for best-in-class owning and operating costs while delivering reliable performance and straightforward operation and maintenance. Sharing the same frame as the Cat D9 Dozer, the new Cat D9 GC continues the series legacy with its superior durability. The frame, powertrain and major components are designed to be rebuilt to give the dozer a cost-effective second life with like-new performance.

Application-specific configurations and multiple blade attachments deliver efficient dozing performance in a range of mining, construction and industrial applications such as production dozing, ripping overburden, site maintenance, fleet support, bulk materials handling and land reclamation. Special configurations are available for desert, arctic and steel mill applications.

The D9 GC replaces the D9R and continues to feature the proven Cat 3408C engine, producing 308 kW in the new dozer. The engine now offers longer fuel and air cleaner life, a single high-efficiency oil filter for lower maintenance costs, and a new, robust self-tensioner. The D9 GC powertrain incorporates the Cat three-speed planetary powershift transmission and torque divider with free-wheel stator, which puts more power to the ground and saves fuel.

Delivering more tractive effort to push through tough cuts, Caterpillar’s elevated sprocket and suspended undercarriage isolates the final drives, axles and steering components from harsh impacts to increase machine longevity. The suspended undercarriage reduces shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50%, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride for the operator.

The D9 GC offers an isolation-mounted operator platform with ROPS and FOPS for operator safety and comfort. The Cat Comfort Series seat is fully adjustable with thick seat and back cushions to improve operator comfort and support. Simple hand controls combine steering clutch disengagement and brake application for each track to deliver straightforward operation. A notched fuel tank and narrow ripper carriage deliver exceptional visibility of the front and rear work areas to enhance operating safety.

The new D9 GC has many of the same components, parts and systems of the D9R Dozer, offering a familiar design for service technicians. Both left and right equalizer bar pin bearings and pins are conveniently lubricated from a remote lubrication point that is easy to access. Daily powertrain oil check and sampling ports are conveniently accessed from the service platform for added safety.

The new high-efficiency aluminum bar plate radiator for the engine features a large cover for quick access and improved cleaning efficiency. Sealed electrical connectors lock out dust and moisture to elevate electrical system reliability and servicing. The bottom guard has a secondary retention system, which allows a service technician to free a stuck guard and safely lower it to the ground.

Manufacturing of the new Cat D9 GC Dozer will begin in the first quarter of 2021. For more information about Cat dozers, contact your local Cat dealer or visit:


D9 GC Dozer Specifications


Cat® 3408C


U.S. EPA Tier 1 equivalent

Net power (SAE J1349 / ISO 9249 at 1,900 rpm)

308 kW (412 hp)

Operating weight

49 441 kg (108 999 lb)

Blade capacity – Semi-U

13.6 m3 (17.8 yd3)

Blade capacity – Universal

16.6 m3 (21.7 yd3)





Cat D9 GC Dozer pushing dirt

Cat D9 GC Dozer pushing dirt

Cat D9 Dozer dozing down steep slope

Cat D9 Dozer dozing down steep slope

Cat D9 GC Dozer dozing down slope

Cat D9 GC Dozer dozing down slope

Cat D9 GC Dozer pushing dirt
Cat D9 Dozer dozing down steep slope
Cat D9 GC Dozer dozing down slope

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