3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), Bolt-On Cutting Edge

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High capacity increases productivity in handling light materials.

Width 2549.0 mm 100.0 in Less
Weight 1883.0 lb 854.0 kg Less
Height 55.0 in 1404.0 mm Less
Length 1517.0 mm 60.0 in Less
Capacity 3.0 m³ 3.9 yd³ Less
Base Edge Thickness 19.0 mm 0.8 in Less
Cutting Edge Thickness 19.0 mm 0.8 in Less
Interface Type IT Coupler IT Coupler Less


Designed to handle low density materials such as mulch, wood chips, dry topsoil, fertilizer, livestock feed and snow. Performance Series Light Material Buckets are designed with larger capacity for light density material applications in Agriculture, Waste and other segments. These applications generally require moderate to light breakout forces.

High Capacity

High capacity increases productivity in handling light materials. Optimal bucket shape for loading light materials up to 1150 kg/ltr (1600 lb/yd3).

Superior Loading

Long bucket floor length, combined with large radius back wrapper, provides superior material loading and dumping, resulting in greater payloads and quicker cycle times.

Integrated Spill Guard

Integrated Spill Guard provides protection of machine linkage and improved load retention by preventing material spillage.

Integrated Visibility Slots with Removable Covers

Integrated visibility to the cutting edge while operating. Visibility slots can be closed while working with loose material with small particle sizes to increase capacity and prevent material loss.

Rugged Design

Hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.