2010 mm (79 in)

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Primarily used to remove and separate rocks and larger debris from soil and sand.

Width 79.0 in 2010.0 mm Less
Weight 741.0 lb 336.0 kg Less
Height 25.5 in 644.0 mm Less
Length 47.0 in 1199.0 mm Less
Sidewall Thickness 0.4 in 10.0 mm Less
Tine Spacing 2.5 in 64.0 mm Less
Tine Thickness 1.25 in 32.0 mm Less
Number of Tines 20 20 Less


Designed for digging, carrying and dumping rocks and larger debris apart from finer materials such as soil and sand. These buckets are ideal for agriculture, general construction, demolition, landscaping and scrap handling segments.

Rock Dam

Improves material retention, reduces spillage and increases productivity.

Staggered Teeth

Improves breakout forces and helps to separate rock from soil.

Serrated Safety Step

Easy ingress and regress from cab.

Wide Tine Spacing

Allows for quicker and greater material separation.