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Using excavators effectively means using the right tool for the job. The CW-20 quick coupler makes it possible to simply release one work tool and pick up the next. The CW-20 coupler is available for Cat excavators or non-Cat carriers between 7.5 and 15 ton.

Weight 418.0 lb 190.0 kg Less
Width 22.0 in 550.0 mm Less
Load Rating, Hoisting Hook 11.0 ton (US) 10.0 ton (US) Less
Length 19.0 in 475.0 mm Less

Increase the utilization of your machine

The quick coupling of work tools is an integral part of the philosophy: Increase the utilization of your excavator through work tools. Your machine becomes an all-purpose tool carrier. The CW- coupler has become an industry standard with over 50.000 units sold in the last 40 years. It's interchangeable with different machine classes and has been designed for use with more than 700 different machines, both Cat and non-Cat.

Compliant to safety standards

The CW quick coupler complies with all applicable global safety standards.

Connect easily

The mechanical version of the CW- coupler is the simplest to operate. There are no loose components that could easily be lost or misplaced. No hydraulics are necessary. Conversion kits are available to easily convert to the hydraulic version at any time.

Performance match with any kind of attachment

Adapter hook sets and mounting brackets are available to adapt nearly any brand and type of work tool to work with the Cat CW quick coupler. This includes hooks/brackets for buckets, hammers, grapples and other attachments.

Service that's second to none

Cat CW quick couplers are sold through the same Caterpillar dealers as Cat machines. That gives you access to an integrated service and support network - a single organisation for machine and work tool parts and service. No other manufacturer can offer you the same.