1829 mm (72 in)

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Extra fork tines add versatility to log and lumber fork carriages, providing several styles and lengths to meet your needs.

Overall Length 79.0 in 2008.0 mm Less
Length 72.0 in 1829.0 mm Less
Width 7.0 in 180.0 mm Less
Height 40.0 in 1017.0 mm Less
Tine Thickness 2.6 in 65.0 mm Less
Load Capacity 8566.0 lb 3885.0 kg Less
Weight 523.0 lb 237.0 kg Less
Tine Configuration Non-Swinging, Non-Floating Non-Swinging, Non-Floating Less


Cat® Log & Lumber Fork Tines are used to load, unload, move deck, sort and feed the mill. Their flat fork tines and raised guards are designed specifically for use in handling both unfinished logs and stacked lumber.

Increased Tine Drop

Increased tine drop to 153 mm (6 in) provides increased visibility for truck loading.

Tapered Box Tines

Tapered box tines are tapered to a point enabling the operator to insert the tines between logs for sorting and assist in a more controlled unloading of the payload.

Wider Tine Widths

Wider tine widths provide a larger surface area for stability when transporting larger materials.