GSH425 4-Tine, 1150-Liter Orange Peel Grapple

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Cat® GSH Orange Peel Grapples include models and sizes for a wide range of applications. With faster cycle times and increased capacities, GSH Grapples allow you to move more while spending less. A more efficient product design increases the grapple's overall productivity and reduces maintenance costs.

Capacity 1.5 yd³ 1150.0 l Less
Maximum Lift Capacity 22046.0 lb 10000.0 kg Less
Shell Type Options Semi-open Semi-open Less
Operating Weight 3666.0 lb 1663.0 kg Less
Tine Count 4 4 Less
Material Handler Minimum 25.0 ton (US) 25.0 ton (US) Less
Material Handler Maximum 40.0 ton (US) 40.0 ton (US) Less
Excavator Minimum 20.0 ton (US) 20.0 ton (US) Less
Excavator Maximum 30.0 ton (US) 30.0 ton (US) Less

High Performance with Less Fuel Burn

  • Move more tons per hour with faster cycle times.
  • Increase hydraulic flow capacity up to 160 percent with a new rotation system.
  • Improve your overall fill factor up to 140-200 percent because of refined tine curvature.
  • Cat Machines are pre-programmed with optimum performance settings for your grapple to maximize the pairing and efficiency of the machine and grapple.
  • Reach new heights and increase your swing control. The compact height of GSH grapples extends your capabilities and is ideal for indoor applications.

Long-lasting Quality

  • Grapple life is prolonged because of lighter, force distributing cast pieces in place of welds.
  • Prevent cylinders from overextending, and avert unnecessary wear on hinge points and tine tips with heavy duty, abrasion resistant upper and lower stops on the grapple's housing.
  • Strength you can count on. Solid construction inner tines and tips are built of high grade steel, resisting abrasion and metal-on-metal wear. Hinge points are cast eliminating weak points on the frame.
  • Increase wear life with easy to replace, cast tine tips.

Easy to Maintain Over Time

  • Spend more time working with decreased maintenance time.Usage before first service interval is increased up to 250 percent and ground level grease points are safer and easier to use.
  • Integral hydraulic components have been rerouted and are protected inside the tine, decreasing tension on hoses and eliminating interference with materials.
  • Easy, inside-the-tine access to the hydraulics through removable panels. Panels also include dust seals to protect the critical parts inside the tines.
  • Maintain a safe working environment by using the Mounting Bracket Aid which allows the bracket to stay in an upright position while installing the grapple to the machine.

Options for Specific Applications

  • Meet your specific application needs with 4 or 5-tine models and optional semi-open or closed tine styles.
    • Four tines - square footprint, clean corners in rail cars and trailers. Safe grab closure for bulky goods such as car bodies.
    • Five tines - optimal retention of smaller materials.
    • Semi-open tines work best for applications where larger steel scrap or car bodies are being moved.
    • Closed tines are optimal in instances where smaller, shredded materials are the primary use.
  • GSH420 and GSH520 models now come with a standard lift eye on the bottom side of the housing where a magnet can be mounted.
  • Other GSH models have the option of including a lift eye when ordering the grapple.