816F Series 2

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816F Series 2 Landfill Compactor


Gross Power 253.0 mm H2O 189.0 kg/mm Less
Net Power 232.0 mm H2O 173.0 kg/mm Less
Engine Model C9 ACERT C9 ACERT Less
Net Power ISO 3046-2 232.0 mm H2O 173.0 kg/mm Less
Net Power - ISO 9249 235.0 mm H2O 175.0 kg/mm Less
SAE J1349 232.0 mm H2O 173.0 kg/mm Less
EEC 80/1269 235.0 mm H2O 175.0 kg/mm Less
Torque Rise 19.0 % 19.0 % Less
Bore 4.4 in 112.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.9 in 149.0 mm Less
Displacement 537.0 in³ 8.8 l Less


Forward - 1 3.5 mile/h 5.6 km/h Less
Forward - 2 5.9 mile/h 9.5 km/h Less
Reverse - 1 4.0 mile/h 6.3 km/h Less
Reverse - 2 6.6 mile/h 10.6 km/h Less

Hydraulic System

Vane Pump Output at 2015 rpm and 6900 kPa (1000 psi) 29.6 gal/min 112.0 l/min Less
Relief Valve Setting 2248.0 psi 15500.0 kPa Less
Lift Cylinder Bore x Stroke 120.65 mm x 913.9 mm 4.75 in x 36 in 120.65 mm x 913.9 mm 4.75 in x 36 in Less


Front Fixed Fixed Less
Oscillating Rear ±8° ±8° Less


Standards Meet OSHA regulations Meet OSHA regulations Less

Wheels - Plus Tip Teeth with Abrasion Resistant Material (ARM)

Drum Width 3.33 ft 1016.0 mm Less
Drum Diameter 4.25 ft 1300.0 mm Less
Tips per Wheel 20 20 Less

Wheels - Chevron-Pattern, Chopper Blades

Drum Width 3.33 ft 1016.0 mm Less
Drum Diameter 4.25 ft 1300.0 mm Less
Blades per Wheel 20 20 Less

Straight Blade

Width - Over End Bits 11.9 ft 3657.0 mm Less
Moldboard - Length 11.67 ft 3556.0 mm Less
Height 6.27 ft 1914.0 mm Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 117.8 gal (US) 446.0 l Less
Cooling System 14.5 gal (US) 55.0 l Less
Crankcase 9.0 gal (US) 34.0 l Less
Transmission 13.2 gal (US) 50.0 l Less
Differential - Final Drives - Front 11.4 gal (US) 43.0 l Less
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 11.4 gal (US) 43.0 l Less
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 36.2 gal (US) 137.0 l Less
Hydraulic Tank 23.2 gal (US) 88.0 l Less


Operating Weight 52364.0 lb 23748.0 null Less


ROPS/FOPS Meet SAE and ISO standards Meet SAE and ISO standards Less

Sound Performance

Standards Meet required sound standards Meet required sound standards Less

Operating Specifications

Ground Clearance 1.5 ft 456.0 mm Less

Dimensions (Approximate)

Height - Top of Cab with A/C 12.74 ft 3801.0 mm Less
Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe 11.36 ft 3462.0 mm Less
Height - Top of Hood 8.16 ft 2489.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance - Bumper 2.64 ft 804.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance - Striker Bars 2.13 ft 650.0 mm Less
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Bumper 6.22 ft 1896.0 mm Less
Centerline of Rear Axle to Hitch 5.5 ft 1675.0 mm Less
Wheel Base 10.9 ft 3350.0 mm Less
Length - With Blade on Ground 25.76 ft 7854.0 mm Less
Width - Over Wheels 10.95 ft 3338.0 mm Less
Width - Over End Bits - Blade 11.99 ft 3657.0 mm Less
Turning Radius - Outside End Bits 21.21 ft 6464.0 mm Less
Blade Width - Straight 11.67 ft 3556.0 mm Less
Drum Width 3.33 ft 1016.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 1.49 ft 456.0 mm Less

Trash Protection and Cooling System

Numerous standard trash resistant features including our proven axle guard system and a sheet metal hood design combine with the Next Generation Modular Radiator to reduce production-robbing trash build-up and provide added cooling capacity.

Tips and Wheels

Caterpillar designed and manufactured steel wheels match the power train for the durability you expect. These, combined with standard Plus Tips or chopper wheels, will provide excellent traction and sidehill stability to offer the most productive and efficient compaction.

Power Train

The Cat® C9 engine with ACERT™ Technology delivers maximum power and combines with the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control and planetary, powershift transmission to offer superior performance and reliability in landfill applications.

Landfill Blades

Several blades are available through Cat Work Tools and Services for dozing and spreading refuse to match your site requirements.

Operator's Station

Operator comfort and productivity are maximized by excellent visibility, careful positioning of levers, switches and gauges, attention to air quality and sound control, as well as built-in storage for your operator's personal items.


Many convenient features such as hinged service doors; accessible scheduled maintenance points; conveniently located sight gauges; in-cab, blade-type fuses and a separated cooling system make servicing easy.

Complete Customer Support

Your Cat dealer is your one safe source for all your equipment needs. They offer a wide range of services that will fit your operation and keep you working longer with lower costs.