Capital Solutions

Improving cash flow, increasing working capital, enhancing bonding capacity—when you need to strengthen your financial position, Cat Financial can help with our Working Capital Loans and Debt Consolidation & Refinancing Solutions. You can tap into your equipment’s equity and shift short-term debt to long-term debt with a Revolving Line of credit—or take advantage of a Term Loan to finance complementary equipment with similar terms.

With our Capital Solutions you receive the benefits of:

  • Accessing funds quickly with a simple request
  • Getting cash for any business need, such as bidding more work, expanding your fleet or working capital
  • Potentially increasing bonding capacity by shifting liability to long-term debt
  • Securing credit with pledged equipment only, not a blanket filing on all your assets
  • Complementing a traditional bank operating line
  • Borrowing funds only when needed and repaying as you decide, effectively reducing interest costs (minimum balance required)
  • Adding or releasing pledged equipment easily based on your business needs
  • Paying the interest only as long as adequate loan availability exists

Your business is always changing and so are your financial needs. That’s why it’s good to know Cat Financial and all the ways we can help make your business stronger for life. Whether you’re buying equipment, protecting your investment, managing your accounts or preparing for the future, our comprehensive financing and insurance solutions are built to help you be more successful.