Loans & Leases

Loans & Leases

Cat Financial offers Installment Sales Contracts for the customer who desires immediate equipment ownership, yet wants to pay for the machine over an extended period of time. Trade-ins or down payments are typically included in these transactions.

Our Installment Sales Contract offers a variety of flexible payment plans, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments. Skip payment plans (up to three per year) are available on monthly payment schedules. In addition, various maintenance programs and insurance packages are available through your Cat dealer.
In addition to Installment Sales Contracts, Cat Financial also offers several types of lease solutions to meet your needs.

Choose from a Finance Lease that provides optional ownership of equipment through a lease. Or maybe a Flex Lease with multiple options to return or purchase equipment at stated intervals better meets your needs.

A Window Lease provides the option to buy equipment at an Early Purchase Option price and date before lease termination. Using our TRAC Lease provides you flexibility through offering higher end-of-term purchase amounts with lower monthly payments for the Cat Vocational Truck.

Cat Financial also offers two different types of Tax Leases. A Cat Value Option Tax Lease provides the option to purchase equipment at a predetermined Fair Market Value price. And a Long-Term Rental Tax Lease provides the lowest possible payments for those who plan to return the equipment at lease-end.

Your business is always changing and so are your financial needs. That’s why it’s good to know Cat Financial and all the ways we can help make your business stronger for life. Whether you’re buying equipment, protecting your investment, managing your accounts or preparing for the future, our comprehensive financing and insurance solutions are built to help you be more successful.