Fatigue Risk Management System


Fatigue Risk Management System

Fatigue in the workplace can impact safety, productivity and efficiency. Building layers of protection around your employees through a comprehensive fatigue risk management system allows you to see, mitigate and manage fatigue to improve operations.

Fatigue management can be done through the development of a practical, effective system that predicts, measures and mitigates fatigue and distraction risks. Caterpillar’s fatigue risk management system can be easily maintained, carefully monitored and continuously improved.


A Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) combines an education program with equipment data and a Fatigue Risk Assessment and to empower your workforce in the design and deployment of processes that will predict, measure and mitigate fatigue and distraction.


  • Educate all levels of your organization about what causes fatigue, how fatigue risk impacts
    operations and the methods and technologies available to mitigate risk
  • Assess your organization’s fatigue risk
  • Assess existing systems, policies, and procedures that mitigate fatigue risk and integrate them in to a comprehensive internally consistent plan
  • Build a site-specific fatigue management plan that includes event protocols, roles and responsibilities, communication and recognition strategies, supervisor playbooks and measurement systems
  • Establish a long-term plan to measure operational impact of your FRMS in order to track and maintain the positive impact on workforce health, safety and operational costs

FRMS Brochure

Fatigue Risk Management System Brochure

Develop a practical, effective system that predicts measures and mitigates fatigue and distraction risks and provides operators tools and knowledge to improve their alertness.

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Fatigue Risk Assessment

Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA)

See the invisible risk of fatigue and distraction in your operations by implementing a Fatigue Risk Assessment. Caterpillar experts can help you make quick improvements and create a long-term plan for fatigue risk management in the workplace.

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The Driver Safety System identifies operator fatigue / distraction and provides immediate intervention.

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