A Dynamic Advantage - your dual-fuel solution for land drilling, production, and well service

Use gas when it’s available and continuously modulate gas substitution when needed. Cat® Dynamic Gas Blending™ is optimized to handle variations in fuel quality and engine operating conditions. You save fuel and your diesel power and transient performance is consistently maintained.

Lowering operating costs while maintaining emissions compliance with a single technology is exciting but it’s just the beginning.

Strike a new balance

Where profitability...

  • Lower fuel costs with up to 70%* replacement of diesel with gas.
  • Maintain existing service intervals and component life.
  • Increase display and diagnostic performance with the ADEM™ A4 and EMCP 4.4* controls.

...Meets responsibility

  • Capability to run on field gas as an alternative to flaring.
  • Designed with CSA certified components.
  • Safety features built into the integrated controls.
  • Maintain original emissions certifications with retrofit kit.

* Differs for well service applications

Exercise your options

If you choose to retrofit your existing equipment, you get all the benefits of Dynamic Gas Blending and all the advantages of a complete package, including full warranty coverage and genuine parts from the global Cat dealer network.

  • Bolt-on component installation.
  • Consolidated parts packaging.
  • Ease of order with one part number for the kit.

Be flexible

Dynamic Gas Blending automatically adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure allowing your engines to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to gasified LNG.

  • Continuously modulates gas substitution under all transient loading to optimize fuel savings.
  • Accepts up to 55% inerts.
  • Requires no recalibration when equipment is moved or gas supply changes.

Well Stimulation Product Overview

  • Single ADEM A4 engine control maximizes substitution while maintaining performance and emissions compliance.
  • Maintains diesel engine performance while maximizing substitution throughout a wide range of speed and load conditions.
  • Achieves maximum substitution and maintains Tier 2 emission standards while running on a wide variety of gaseous fuels with no additional calibration.
  • Diesel oxidation and muffler combination designed for ease of installation.
  • Integrated controls and hardware designed with safety, reliability, and durability in mind.

Drilling and Production Product Overview

Your Cat dealer will help you implement a complete package or a retrofit kit compatible with your generator sets. Using proven gas engine hardware with no change to core diesel engine components, you can be up and running quickly with Dynamic Gas Blending.

  • Optimized diesel and gas fuel system controls maximize substitution while maintaining power output and safe engine operation.
  • Certified retrofit kits maintain original emission standards over a wide range of gaseous fuels.
  • Simple integration to rig monitoring equipment to track engine health and substitution performance.


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Cat Dynamic Gas Blending Engine Upgrade Kit

Upgrade select petroleum and drilling engines to get the most from fuel combustion. Dynamic Gas Blending continuously modulates gas substitution under all transient loading to optimize fuel savings.

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Cat Dynamic Gas Blending Engine Upgrade Kit

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