Leadership Development Training

The best way to improve the safety of your operation is to have leaders who are invested in creating a culture of safety on-site. That’s what Caterpillar Safety Services offers both instructor-led and online training courses to help leaders understand and implement effective strategies and techniques to improve your safety culture.

Some of the most important topics include recognition techniques, effective communication, proven processes and accountability at every level. Our consultants are committed to delivering high-quality, engaging workshops to help prepare leaders to be actively involved in your safety culture transformation.


From supervisor training to train-the-trainer coaching, our consultants are committed to bring front-line insight to your organization, giving you the tools you need to improve your safety culture.

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Caterpillar offers over 115 interactive, web-based training courses for your safety needs through Caterpillar University.

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With our operator training programs and safety e-learning, you elevate your operators to higher levels of proficiency and realize the full potential of your spend.

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