Effective Communication

The Effective Communication Workshop will provide participants with specific lessons on effective communication and recognition, utilizing Caterpillar Safety Services’ Speak Up!, Listen Up! and Recognize It! training programs.

The Speak Up! and Listen Up! portion of the training will help employees learn effective communication: how to give and receive feedback; how to focus on the message, not the messenger; and how each employee is able to contribute to workplace safety when listening and responding to one another. While Speak Up! focuses on the dos and don’ts of giving important guidance, Listen Up! provides the essentials of receiving input and responsive listening.

The Recognize It! segment of the training focuses on strategies to reverse the all-too-common tendency to focus on the negative and level blame — that is, pointing out what people might be doing wrong, rather than right. Learning to effectively give recognition will help achieve increased productivity, proactive values, clearer accountabilities and expectations, better morale, and a less inhibited environment.


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