All melting is done in low 65-ton (59 metric ton) induction furnaces, a 30-ton (27 metric ton), medium frequency, induction batching furnace (the largest of its type in the industry), and one 24-ton (22 metric ton) arc furnace.

The SinterCast process is used for CGI. Wire and sandwich treatments are used for ductile iron. ATAS ® thermal analysis is available.

Core Making

Sand cores are used to form cavities in our complex castings. Automated Loramendi core making equipment is used for high-volume castings. This process has received an Illinois Governor's Pollution Prevention Award for its positive impact on the environment.


Three automated molding lines use high-pressure, compensating squeeze heads to make green sand molds. There are also three self-contained cells, which produce engine blocks and specialty products using cured sand processes.