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You supply power to meet everyday needs, whether it’s lights in a school, appliances in a home or keeping an office building in business. It’s why you need a source that promises to run non-stop — since life does too. Cat® stationary or temporary diesel generator sets are cost-effective, reliable power, meeting spikes in demand and keeping power affordable for your customers.

Your local Cat dealer is your source for on-going service and support. Our products and our team are working to power your world.

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Caterpillar Powers Tanzania Electric Utility with Domestic Natural Gas

Cat Dealer, Mantrac Africa, partners with Wentworth Natural Resources to bring new power and prosperity to Mnazi Bay and City of Mtwara, Tanzania.


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Caterpillar offers standard and customized power solutions for all your applications, where you need it, whenever you need it.

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Caterpillar is pleased to provide information on new technologies as well as innovative solutions to power your business.

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HBG – Heizwerkbetriebsgesellschaft Reutlingen mbH provides district heating for more than 4,200 residences, schools and swimming pools in the city of Reutlingen, Germany. HBG is a subsidiary of GWG – Wohnungsgesellschaft Reutlingen mbH. The city of Reutlingen holds a three-quarter interest in GWG.


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Any size or shape. In any regulatory environment. When you need power, Caterpillar is equal to the challenge. Our generators are used in a variety of applications.

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Caterpillar Electric Power is excited to introduce you to our latest generator set sizing software, Cat® Electric Power SpecSizer.

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La empresa de telecomunicaciones y el distribuidor Cat trabajan para proporcionar energía

Televisora de Costa Rica S.A. necesitaba tener una fuente de alimentación de reserva para torres en un área que no estaba cubierta por la compañía local, que compró un generador diesel Cat® usado. Se pusieron en contacto con el distribuidor local de Caterpillar MATRA para ayudar con la unidad, que marcó el comienzo de una relación a largo plazo. Televisora ha estado recurriendo a MATRA desde entonces para sus necesidades de generación de energía de respaldo.

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Electric Power SpecSizer

Caterpillar Electric Power se complace en presentar nuestro último software de dimensionamiento de grupos electrógenos, Cat® Electric Power SpecSizer.

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