Arizona Underground Attributes Success to Quality Cat® Machines and Genuine Cat Parts

Outfitting its fleet of equipment with genuine Cat® parts is one of the reasons Arizona Underground has been a successful construction business in Tucson, Arizona, for the last 35 years. “We’ve been around since 1978, so we have a lot of newer pieces of equipment with a lot of the older stuff,” said company vice president Mace Williams. “We still run older 200 series excavators and older model ‘B’ scrapers. We have a wide variety of Cat equipment both in size, scope and year.”

The longevity of the fleet is owed to the quality of the Cat machines as well as to parts availability and reliability. “We have equipment that I first started running when I was probably 12 years old and I still run it every day. It’s still fun,” said Williams, who joined the family business during high school in 1995. “We have equipment as old as I am which run almost as good as our new machines.”

With such an expansive fleet, genuine Cat parts are constantly in demand. “We need parts on a daily basis,” Williams said. “You know how it is. Something you need breaks down and you need it the next day or that day.” But what gives him peace of mind is knowing he can rely on Caterpillar to keep his equipment running. “I can still make a call down to the dealer and get a part for a 1978 scraper. When you buy a Cat piece of equipment, you literally buy it for life.”


Mike Rowe and Cat customers.