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New MD6420B Drill

Designed for heavy duty open pit mining, MD6420 delivers operational safety, reliable performance, and durability that is favored by drillers around the world. While staying true to those original performance expectations, the new MD6420B marks a tremendous step forward in the life of this model as it encompasses leading features from the ultra-class to the mid-size rotary drill line.

Some of the advanced features available are improved fuel efficiency, electro-hydraulic controls that provide increased operator safety and precise functional controls, computer controlled drilling, enhanced diagnostics, automation of functions and more. Further, through integration with mine management systems, communications networks and safety systems, the new MD6420B drill is autonomous ready.

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Short Mountain Silica Customer Testimonial Cat® MD5075 Track Drill

Caterpillar is officially in the track drill business, and to celebrate, a team from Global Construction & Infrastructure (GCI), Cat Global Mining (CGM) and dealer Stowers Cat visited the first customer.

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Aggregate Industry Brochure

Our tools and services can help you consider alternative fleets and assess site- specific challenges.

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Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour optimiser les performances de votre équipement, réduire des immobilisations coûteuses, améliorer votre retour sur investissement, la sécurité de votre lieu de travail, les performances du conducteur, etc.

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Votre concessionnaire Cat® sait comment vous aider à améliorer chaque aspect de votre activité, pour vous permettre de travailler plus vite et plus efficacement que jamais.

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