Engine Applications

Built to meet or exceed the toughest standards, Cat® engines deliver consistent performance, durability, reliability and economy in some of the world's most demanding situations.


Caterpillar has manufactured well over 2-million diesel engines since 1931. While first used in Cat® track-type tractors, Cat engines now provide prime power to remote installations worldwide, propulsion for military vessels as well as engine power for tactical and support vehicles. Cat engines, which can be adapted to Department of Defense specifications, have been built to meet or exceed today's toughest standards.

Our considerable expertise in product application, engineering, contractual workings and support resources is solely dedicated to directly serving this customer segment. We have worked throughout the entire U.S. government in developing new concepts as well as adapting existing products to meet specific mission requirements.

Electric Power

Caterpillar has supplied diesel and natural gas fueled generator sets for

  • emergency standby power
  • temporary prime power
  • remote utility continuous power
  • peak shaving/load management
  • and military tactical support

Diesel Generator Sets and Natural Gas Generator Sets are available.

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Electric Power Applications
Phone: 309-578-5593
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Marine Power

"Trenching through the vicious tides, calls out for one solution - Cat Marine Power."
"Caterpillar provides solutions for propulsion and generator sets when power is needed."

Ship Service Diesel Generators
"When remote electric power is demanded we have the one solution that will cover all your needs."
"Reliable, dependable power needs at solutions from 5 to 13,810 ekw."
Cat Marine Generator Sets

"Propelling Power demanded at all levels from 46 to 22,520 horsepower with our high output engines."

Commercial Propulsion Engines

High Performance Propulsion Engines

Propulsion Solutions
Propulsion Solutions

Naval Architect Resources
Naval Architect Resources

Please view Marine project stories at the bottom of this page.

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Marine Power Applications
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Mobile: 414-218-9809

Vehicle Power

Advanced fuel systems with Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) and innovative ACERT™ Technology are just two examples of innovation in today's Cat engines. We constantly strive to improve the horsepower/weight ratio, fuel efficiency and life to overhaul while reducing repair costs.

• On-highway diesel engines range from 275 to more than 700 horsepower

Power Pack Solutions are now available for Light, Medium and Heavy Military Vehicles.

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Vehicle Power Applications
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U.S.N.S. Howard O. Lorenzen

T-AGM Missile Range Instrumentaton Ship powered by Four Cat propulsion engines with a Cat generator set for emergency power

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Legend-Class NSC

US Coast Guard Legend-Class NSC with Cat ship service diesel generators

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U.S. Navy LPD 17 Amphibious Transport Dock Ships

Caterpillar Defense & Federal Products supplies the first five Cat ship service diesel generator sets for the U.S. Navy LPD 17

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