Machine Applications


The Defense and Federal Products Division provides the flexibility to create an entirely new class of construction equipment or design and manufacture modifications to our standard products.  The following examples of both modified and newly designed machines are representative of the Caterpillar commitment to developing specialized equipment to meet your specific needs:

US Army Programs

  • Bulldozers – Cat D6K and D7R-II track-type tractors for dozing, ripping and push loading operations have military modifications, including crew protection kits.
  • Wheel Loaders – Cat 924G and 966H wheel loaders for building roads and airfields, have military modifications such as split cabs for lowered height during transportation and crew protection kits.
  • Motor Graders – Cat 120M motor graders with joystick controls for road building capabilities have military modifications, including crew protection kits.
  • Airborne Scraper and Water Distributor System (ASWDS) – Scrapers and water distributors modified to be helicopter airlifted and Low Velocity Airdropped (LVAD) from a C130 aircraft for the US Army and USMC.
  • CS-433C and CS563D Vibratory Rollers – Air-deployable rollers modified to meet military specifications.
  • Mineclearing/Armor Protection (MCAP) – Kits to protect operators and sensitive machine components on Cat D7G bulldozers during mine clearing operations.
  • Wheel Tractor-Scrapers - Cat 621G Scrapers are capable of self loading and push loading. The fast load capability, along with great visibility to the cutting edge, comfortable operator environment and military modifications, make the 621G an exceptionally productive hauling unit for military construction missions.

Other Major DoD Programs

  • US Air Force 10K All Terrain ForkLift (ATFL) – Cat 930K wheel loader with military modifications and a purpose built fork lift system.
  • USMC/US Army 277C MTL – Cat 277C Multi Terrain Loader is a rubber belted skid steer machine with military modifications for sling loading, and removable cab with crew protection kit.
  • USMC/USN/USAF BHL – Cat 420 backhoe loaders modified to meet military specifications.
  • US Navy Machines – Recent US Navy programs include the following models: D6K, D6T, D7R-II, and D8T bulldozers, 924H and 966H wheel loaders, 963D track loader, 120M motor grader, 730 and 770 trucks, 613C-II and 621G scrapers and 621G water distributor, CS-56, PS150 and 815F-II compactors, 420E backhoe loader and AP655D paver.

Foreign Military Sales Programs

  • Afghanistan/Iraq Supplemental Acquisition Program (AISAP) - Bulldozers, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and lift trucks used for construction in Afghanistan and Iraq by those countries militaries and ministry departments.

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Military Machines

U.S. Army
U.S. Army Public Works
U.S. Army National Guard
U.S. Army Reserves
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Phone: 309-675-4405 / 309-578-8679
Mobile: 309-229-4053 / 206-619-6816
Fax: 309-578-3739

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air National Guard
Phone: 309-578-8068
Mobile: 404-840-7837
Fax: 309-578-3739

U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Navy
Phone: 309-578-2244
Mobile: 390-397-2345
Fax: 309-578-3739

Global Military Machines

U.S. State Department
Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program
United Nations
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Global Military Machine Sales
Phone: 309-578-2347
Mobile: 309-310-9316
Fax: 309-578-3739

Military Brochures

The brochures below include a Military Machine Product Line along with detailed brochures of military modified construction equipment models.

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