Product Support

Whether for use in security, natural disasters or national emergencies, Cat® Federal Agencies Machines - both large and small - have a long history of successful support for our federal employees in just about any application.

Approximately three-million pieces of Cat® equipment work around the clock on seven continents. Each year, customers order more than 43-million items for use on that equipment. To support this activity, Caterpillar has 22 parts facilities worldwide, with 10-million square feet of combined storage space. When you add the most reliable dealer network in the industry, there is no other logistic support system that can offer the same parts and service support for the military or federal agencies.

These resources, coupled with our experienced personnel, result in more than 99% of parts shipped within 24 hours of order. It’s more than just parts delivery. We offer Contractor Logistics Support (Customer Support Agreements for commercial users) that provides flexible solutions for your maintenance and repair needs. It can include extended warranties, preventive maintenance services, total maintenance and repair contracts or deployment parts and service assistance.

We also offer the Service Life Extension Program for machine rebuilds; Programs for total maintenance and repair of new Cat engines; and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) to arrange parts purchase from the local Cat dealer, regardless of your location.

Nearly 3,000 Cat distribution centers, dealer facilities and rental stores worldwide are ready to deliver the right part when and where it is needed.

Please contact the appropriate Product Support Contact below for assistance.

Technical Support
Phone 309-578-2910
Fax 309-578-3739

Service Contracts
Phone 309-578-3984
Fax 309-578-3739

Parts Marketing
Phone 309-578-3493
Fax 309-578-3739

Phone 309-266-0314
Fax 309-578-3739E

Equipment Rebuild
Phone 309-578-2910
Fax 309-578-3739

Military Electronic Technician (ET)
Phone 309-578-2351
Fax 309-578-3739

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