OCEARCH Expedition in Cape Cod Kicks off July 30

OCEARCH is launching the largest Great White Shark expedition in U.S. history on July 30, 2013 off the coast of Cape Cod.  The research expedition, led by OCEARCH Expedition Leader and Founding Chairman Chris Fischer, is scheduled to run through August 29, 2013.

In February 2013 Caterpillar and OCEARCH agreed to a multi-year partnership to help propel the OCEARCH organization’s global research on sharks.

The increased summertime population of Great White Sharks off Cape Cod has drawn significant science and public safety attention, specifically a quest for better knowledge. OCEARCH has led 16 expeditions to research the breeding, feeding, migration, and birthing patterns of sharks, including recent expeditions where two Great Whites named Mary Lee and Genie were tagged off Cape Cod and a Great White named Lydia was tagged off Jacksonville, FL.

Those sharks, along with over 30 others, are being tracked on the Global Shark Tracker by millions.   The new sharks tagged in Cape Cod in August, ideally 10-20 total, will be immediately available for anyone to follow.

Expedition Cape Cod 2013 will be different from their 2012 expedition in that the OCEARCH research team will be working in an area known for high populations of seals.

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To learn more about OCEARCH, visit ocearch.org.

OCEARCH with a shark
OCEARCH researches sharks in Cape Cod