Caterpillar Helps Detour Gold’s Ontario Mine Pour First Gold Bars

Caterpillar Helps Detour Gold’s Ontario Mine Pour First Gold Bars

Detour Gold’s start up mine in Northern Ontario, Canada, recently poured their first gold bars, thanks to the help of multiple Caterpillar teams and Cat dealer Toromont.

Our customer is proud to be running Cat® equipment, as proven by the breadth of their Cat fleet. With the exception of drills, the Detour Gold’s Ontario mine has purchased all Cat equipment and is the only site exclusively running the 795F AC Electric Drive Large Mining Trucks – the site is currently operating 20 units.

In a note, Detour Gold’s Mine Maintenance and Infrastructure Manager Ricky Bouthillette said, “It’s quite the milestone to have achieved on time, considering the size of the project and the challenges we faced along the way. None of it could have been accomplished without the dedication of our construction team, employees/contractors, Aboriginal and community stakeholders and our partners, including the team at Caterpillar.

“To all Caterpillar employees, I would like to take a moment and acknowledge the importance of the quality, reliability and durability of the product you manufacture and deliver to us – the customer.”

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pouring gold bars
Pouring Gold Bars


The majority of surface mining equipment in the world comes from one company: Caterpillar. And for good reason.

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