The Versatile Cat® D6T, D7T and D8T Dozers

There are more Cat® Track-Type Tractors on job sites around the world than any other tractor brand. The new D6T, D7T and D8T models are versatile, innovative, and powerful – and they keep you pushing forward on any job, anywhere, everyday.  

Medium Dozer Selection Guide

The decisions you make before you put a dozer on a job site will have a profound effect on the machine’s performance, efficiency and ultimate value. This PDF will guide you in choosing the best machine size, blade type, undercarriage configuration, counterweight and more for your applications.

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D6T Dozer

The Cat® D6T has earned a reputation for best-in-class versatility, productivity and resale value. Because it excels across a wide range of jobs, customers choose the D6T for everything from dozing and ripping to scraper work and finish grading.

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