Power Profile - Conduspar

Power Profile - Conduspar

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Headquartered in Curitiba, Conduspar is one of Brazil’s top manufacturers of copper and aluminum cables. Serving customers throughout North and South America, Conduspar produces enough cable every 30 days to circle the planet.

With its close proximity to raw materials, highways, the Afonso Pena International Airport and the port of Paranaguá, the company distinguishes itself with a quick turnaround of orders and on-time deliveries.

As a manufacturer of electrical cables, Conduspar not only conducts power through their products, they also rely heavily on power for their manufacturing processes. For example, the extrusion of copper into wire is highly reliant on a quality power solution throughout the multi-day process, and a brief power outage could ruin raw materials.

Conduspar has recently experienced a significant increase in demand that prompted company executives to add a second shift of workers. This decision proved to be expensive since power can be four times more costly after 6 p.m. when compared to daytime working hours.


Company officials determined they could save money by producing their own power during evening hours rather than relying on the utility companies.

In 2009, Conduspar installed a Cat® 3412 diesel generator set devoted to standby power for a copper oven used in the process of melting and extruding copper into wire. Later, the company added two Cat C32 ACERT™ diesel generator sets to supply standby power for overall factory operations. These three generator sets also allow Conduspar to engage in peak shaving activities during evening hours when power is most expensive.


According to Michel Antonio de Paula, Manager of Process, Products and Projects for Conduspar, the Cat generator sets have reduced electrical costs by 35 percent, and he estimates that the units will pay for themselves in two years.

“Given the competitive nature of our business, we choose the best quality products for every aspect of our operations,” de Paula said. “We initially selected Cat products because they are a formidable brand in the marketplace, and Cat generator sets have helped us manage peak costs better than our competitors.”

The Conduspar team selected the Cat generator sets after learning about peak shaving options in discussions with representatives from Pesa, the local Cat Dealer.

“The customer service we receive from Pesa is excellent, and they are a true business partner,” de Paula noted. “On one recent weekend, we experienced an issue with an alternator on a generator set at the facility. Pesa sent a technician right away to solve the problem, allowing us to get back up and running immediately.”

Cat® diesel generator sets supply standby power for Conduspar’s factory operations and also allow the company to engage in peak shaving activities during evening hours when power is most expensive.

Along with the installation of their generator sets, Conduspar has signed a contract for a preventive maintenance program with Pesa, covering all standard service such as fluids, parts and labor. Pesa is committed to visiting the customer site every 45 days for check-ups that will maximize the life and efficiency of the generator sets.

As part of an upcoming expansion of manufacturing operations, Conduspar plans to install a Cat 3512 diesel generator set to provide standby power and peak shaving capabilities for a second oven.

“It is not enough to solve our customers’ initial problems,” said Claudio Peres, sales representative for Pesa. “We always work closely with customers after installation to ensure their generator sets provide the maximum value, and this commitment allows us to anticipate their needs as their businesses grow.”