Application Guides

The Guide to Asphalt Compaction and Guide to Soil Compaction books, take a practical approach to complex topics of compaction and provide examples for how to use these principles most effectively. Each guide covers the basics of compaction and then discusses the science behind and techniques for the different types of compaction.

Whether you are a construction professional, a government official, an educator or student, or whether you are simply interested in learning more about construction methodology, you’ll find these guides to be a valuable resource.

Application guides from Caterpillar are:

  • Information-packed
  • Easy-to-read
  • Supported by color photos and illustrative graphic elements
  • Reflect the industry expertise of Caterpillar

Guide to Asphalt Compaction

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Guide to Soil Compaction

The Guide to Soil Compaction can be directly downloaded free of charge as an eBook for mobile devices.

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