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Cat Portable Generators

"It is a portable gas-powered generator that can weather the harshest conditions and carry you safely out of emergencies."

— DIY Experts on the Cat RP7500 E




Reviews for Cat Portable Generators

"anything with the CAT logo is worth taking a second look."

— Generator Power Source

"The Caterpillar generators are an excellent choice according to most owners. They have enough power to work well in virtually all situations whether you are working or playing. These machines are durable and dependable power sources. They set up easily and work without issues, right out of the box.

They are also very popular for their ability to operate quietly, which is something most other generators cannot do. Perhaps that is why they all hold a rating of 4+ stars."

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"An affordable powerhouse that earns praise for powering larger appliances, including freezers and refrigerators."

— BestReviews

"A portable generator can give you some peace of mind in the face of a devastating storm. You’ll be able to generate power that keeps appliances running and water flowing in your home until power returns."


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Cat RP7500 E: "If you want big power generation and a boatload of features...you’ll be satisfied."

— Sensei

"It was designed primarily for construction sites, so it comes with an increased level of power generation and commensurate decibel levels.

This isn’t the generator you’ll want to go with if you need something small and stealthy. If you want big power generation and a boatload of features, though, you’ll be satisfied with this offering from CAT."

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Cat RP12000 E: "This is one heavy-duty portable generator."

— HouseholdMe

"This is one heavy-duty portable generator. The Cat RP12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator 502-3699 is user-friendly and safe enough to use for household electricity needs yet tough and powerful enough to withstand rough handling on job sites.

With its extra-large gas tank and V-twin engine, you can run appliances, power tools and electronics for half a day. Although it’s gasoline powered, the generator has an electric-start dial and LED panel for quick startups and night visibility."

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CAT INV2000: "Excellent features make this a great buy for your money."

— Chainsaw Journal

"CAT equipment has always been associated with heavy-duty machinery, usually seen on large construction sites. They’ve recently ventured into the domestic user market, producing more affordable generators that are not designed for the same applications as their industrial machines."


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"the Caterpillar RP3600 Portable Generator is as good as it gets in its class."

— Generator Advisor

"Portable power-generating equipment have been highly crucial to the success and operational versatility of many businesses today. After all, these lightweight machines pack a unique combination of decent power-generating capacity and versatility that can be of good use for both households chores and business operations.

In today’s review, we’ll take a look at another unit that’s been starting to make its name in the market: the Caterpillar RP3600 Portable Generator."

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