Fencing Business Built on Solid Foundation of Support from Cat® Dealer

Fencing Business Built on Solid Foundation of Support from Cat® Dealer

Yachal Benedick, owner of Hold ‘Em Fence, has been building fences in nearly every state west of the Mississippi for fourteen years. He built his business on the foundation of loyalty and relationships and continues that focus today.

Benedick grew up a home-schooled, farm boy near Fostoria, Kansas. Back then, a local rancher asked if he’d be interested in stringing some barbed wire for $10 an hour. Today, fourteen years later, Hold ‘Em Fence is a successful fencing business with a number of Cat® machines and engines, from Compact Track and Skid Steer Loaders to Mini Excavators and even Cat engines in their haul trucks.

Benedick attributes his success to valuable, solid relationships. That includes Foley Equipment, Benedick’s local Cat dealer.

“My relationship with Foley is another critical success factor in our business,” Benedick said. “It starts with Joe Wilken (Foley Compact Construction sales rep). Joe is honest and incredibly knowledgeable. He understands the machines and attachments, but more importantly, understands how that machine, attachment or service helps me to be more efficient and profitable. He understands my business.”

Parts availability and machine service has helped Foley stand out from other equipment dealers. “No one has the ability to put parts so close to my job site like Foley can through their network of parts drop boxes,” Benedick said. “And field service and consultation is just a phone call away. I can call John Debusk (Manhattan shop manager) at eight o’clock in the evening and he’ll say ‘What can we do for you?’”

“In the end, you can be good at math or mechanics and or medicine, but you accomplish nothing without good relationships with people you trust. My relationships with my employees, my customers and Foley have helped me grow my business to where it is today.”

Stephen Mueting and Yachal Benedick from Hold ‘Em Fence, a fencing business in Kansas.

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