Power Profile - Alan Dick East Africa

Power Need

The Alan Dick Group is a 35-year-old global telecommunications company with offices in 15 countries and headquarters in Cheltenham, England. The group serves as a centre of excellence for the design, development and production of sector-wide infrastructure solutions for the broadcast and mobile sectors. It specializes in custombuilt antenna support structures and in-building solutions, as well as antennae and real-time network efficiency monitors.

Nairobi-based Alan Dick East Africa is a major regional headquarters for the company, servicing Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Sudan – a combined area of more than 4 million square kilometres (1.5 million square miles). As a leading contractor in the development of telecommunications infrastructure, the company has built thousands of mobile sites in the region, with 1,500 in Kenya alone. Because it offers a turnkey service, it is essential that Alan Dick East Africa offers customers a proven and reliable source of power, with superior product support. Because of the nature of the sector, a zero-downtime solution was essential.


Alan Dick quickly opted to purchase power generation equipment from Cat® Dealer Mantrac Kenya, thanks to the reliability and excellent reputation of Cat and Olympian™ generator sets. Other key factors in the decision were Mantrac’s broad experience and superior customer service, its highly trained engineers, extensive parts availability and fast call-out response. Mantrac Kenya is also recognised for its 24/7 product support, answering the growing customer need for planned maintenance and customer service agreements.

Mantrac Kenya has now supplied more than 600 generator sets of various sizes from 8 kVA to 700 kVA, including Olympian GEP11SP, GEP13.5, GEP16SP, GEP18, GEP22, GEP44 and Cat C18 units, all in sound attenuated enclosures.


All of these generator sets have been praised by Alan Dick customers for their reliability and ease of use. Niru Patel, managing director of Alan Dick East Africa, says, “We offer Cat and Olympian generators exclusively to all of our customers without exception.” Willis Odhiambo, project manager, adds, “We are currently working together with Mantrac to offer super-silent generators for use in high population density areas. This will allow us to conform to Kenya’s environmental management regulations, and give us further opportunity to work with Mantrac Kenya.”

Alan Dick continues to meet growing customer demands, providing uninterrupted coverage to populations across East Africa. This success is supported by the close relationship with Mantrac Kenya, which consistently provides top quality products and unparalleled after-sales support. Kenneth Kamau, Mantrac Kenya Power Systems sales manager, concludes, “This partnership has greatly influenced our business in small power generation and boosted the recognition of Cat and Olympian generator sets among our customers in this region.”