Support life and quality care with dependable standby power generation.

In a healthcare setting, reliable power is a matter of life and death. To deliver quality care, you need to be sure that your life-saving, sophisticated machinery is operating properly, without power interruptions, 24/7. Cat® generator sets, supported by Cat uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear, power some of the largest hospitals in the world.

Powered by Cat engines, our generator sets are efficient, reliable and meet most current EU and U.S. EPA emissions standards.

Powered by Cat engines, Cat generator sets feature:

  • Ratings from 13kW to 17,460kW
  • Wide range of factory-designed options
  • Easy to specify, permit, install and test
  • World-class fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs
  • Excellent transient response and steady state performance
  • Single source and turnkey support from the Cat Dealer network

Our deep knowledge and global experience enable us to configure a system that delivers the right power for your healthcare facility. We install it properly to reduce risks or delays. And we will be there to ensure that your system is operating with robust reliability and durability.