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Agriculture Industry Solutions

Agriculture Industry Solutions

Tough Jobs. Tough Values.

As a farmer, you believe in your job. You know why farming’s important. And you know the value of what you do. Day in, day out.

At Caterpillar, we build machines that match your values and suit your farming business. A Cat® is tough in attitude and adaptable in work. And built to perform important roles.

Ready for any task, whenever you are. These are machines you can rely upon.

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Cat Agriculture Product Lineup Brochure
Cogeneration plant turns methane into energy to run generator

Granjas RYC is a producer, packager and distributor of meat products. The company produces various cuts of meat, seasoned and marinated meat, lunch meats and sausages. These products are then distributed under different brand names to supermarkets throughout México. The company also operates its own stores in central and southern México. The self-generated electricity powers many facilities on the farm, with most of it consumed by the incandescent heat lamps that keep the piglets warm in the maternity area. The hot water produced from the cogeneration process is used in the farm's locker rooms and swimming pool. By using cogeneration to run generator, the farm realizes a cost savings of approximately $60,000 USD annually.

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