Incluye unidad de transmisión PLANETARIA, tuberías hidráulicas con sistemas de desconexión rápida, soporte de montaje, tornillería y eje de salida HEX de dos pulgadas.

Par de eje de mando a máxima presión 3040.0 lb-pie 4120.0 N·m Less
Método de mando Motor gerotor - Reducción planetaria simple Motor gerotor - Reducción planetaria simple Less
Diseño del soporte de montaje Miniexcavadora hidráulica Miniexcavadora hidráulica Less
Flujo hidráulico máximo 21.0 gal/min 80.0 L/min Less
Presión hidráulica máxima 3336.0 lb/pulg² 230.0 bar Less
Ancho total con soporte 10.6 pulg 270.0 mm Less
Altura total de mando 32.5 pulg 825.0 mm Less
Diámetro de caja 10.0 pulg 252.0 mm Less
Gama de giro 72.0 Grados 72.0 Grados Less
Peso de unidad de mando con conductos hidráulicos sin puntas 174.0 lb 79.0 kg Less
Peso total sin puntas 207.0 lb 94.0 kg Less
Eje de salida hexagonal 2.0 pulg 51.0 mm Less
Velocidad de la broca (eje motriz) al caudal máximo 71.0 RPM 71.0 RPM Less
Retención de punta de sinfín Perno transversal/tuercas Perno transversal/tuercas Less

Four Auger Sizes

Caterpillar offers four auger models: the direct-drive A7 Auger for the Mini Hydraulic Excavator, the chain-driven A14B Auger for the Mini Hydraulic Excavator, Multi Terrain Loader and the Skid Steer Loader, the planetary-driven A19B Auger for the Mini Hydraulic Excavator, Multi Terrain Loader and the Skid Steer Loader and the planetary-driven high flow A26B Auger for the Skid Steer Loader.

A19 Auger

The A19 single reduction planetary system features a variable speed, bidirectional, gerotor style hydraulic motor mounted to an in-line planetary gear box for optimal bit speed and output torque for moderate to heavy duty applications. The additional output torque provides better performance with larger diameter bits.

Wide Range of Auger Bits

Auger bits are rugged and adaptable to a wide range of projects. Standard and tree bit options are available in a variety of diameters. Hex-to-round shaft adapter is available to accommodate existing round auger bit mountings.

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