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Dolese Bros. Co. Builds Legacy of Safety Culture Excellence

More than a decade has passed since long-time company leader Roger Dolese’s death, but his legacy as a conservationist endures. Under Mr. Dolese’s leadership, nature would not be compromised for business growth. If the most efficient path to prosperity was through a tree, he demanded a work-around. His successors remain true to that conviction and to this day scrutinize every project accordingly.

“When I first came here, I was in a meeting and suggested clearing some trees in order to help production in one of our plants,” said Mark Helm, CEO. “I thought I was going to get strung up, that I would even mention such a thing.”

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Caterpillar and Cat® Dealers Partner with Mike Rowe to Help Close Skill Gap

Now more than ever, Caterpillar and Cat® dealer employees must possess the right balance of technical and critical thinking skills to keep up with the rapid changes in processes and technologies.

These technical requirements can lead to multiple career paths, ranging from positions that require a high school education, to certifications, to two- to four-year higher education. The problem? There’s a skills gap, and those who possess the skills required to fill these jobs are very hard to find.

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Ever wonder what happens to old planes when they reach the end of their service lives? Brandon Arnold, owner of Custom Construction & Roofing in Roswell, New Mexico, can tell you—his company has used Cat® equipment to demolish more than 40 planes in the past year.

“It just looked cool,” Arnold said, describing how he got into the business. “We were doing construction work on the site and watched another company smash up the planes. I pestered the owner for years, telling him we’d love to do the work, and finally he said, ‘Can you start Monday?’”

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Contractor of the Year: Idle Time

See how Landon Floyd found new ways to improve fuel efficiency on his jobsite.