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Combination Compactor Meets Challenge of Asphalt Paving in Utah’s Wasatch Range

Achieving specified asphalt compaction densities when paving on the slopes of the Wasatch Range requires experienced leadership, a highly skilled crew, and the proper equipment. 

Working at Red Ledges subdivision in Heber City, Utah, a crew from Staker Parson Companies needed to reach compaction rates in the low 90s. The crew placed a 3-inch thick driving layer on the upscale subdivision’s winding labyrinth of roadways. A total of 2,600 tons of asphalt were laid down. 

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Quarry Saves Big On Fuel Without Sacraficing Performance Or Comfort

With fuel ranking as the second-highest expense at Laurelbrook Natural Resources, Quarry Manager Bob Jacquier will look for any way to use less—but not at the expense of machine performance and operator productivity. Good thing the Cat® 972M Wheel Loader delivers on all three counts.

“This machine has proven to increase our fuel efficiency 23% over the machine that it replaced,” Jacquier said of the 972M, which he compared to competitors’ wheel loaders before making the decision to purchase. “We’ve been very happy with the efficiency we’ve gained.”

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The Cat® Built For It™ Trials Bring The Lantern Festival To Light In Remote China

One Cat® Generator. That’s all it took to light up the night sky—and the faces of hundreds of residents in China’s Yuhu Village. Their smiles, joy and wonder as they experience Lantern Festival in their village are all captured in “Lantern Festival,” the latest short film in the Built For It™ Trials.

The video follows residents of Yuhu Village, an isolated community in Yunnan Province, as they prepare to bring light to their annual celebration of Lantern Festival, a tradition that dates back more than 2,000 years. In China, lanterns symbolize prosperity and good fortune, and every year, people throughout the country gather together to light them in celebration of the beginning of spring.

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