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The Cat® Built For It™ Trials Bring The Lantern Festival To Light In Remote China

One Cat® Generator. That’s all it took to light up the night sky—and the faces of hundreds of residents in China’s Yuhu Village. Their smiles, joy and wonder as they experience Lantern Festival in their village are all captured in “Lantern Festival,” the latest short film in the Built For It™ Trials.

The video follows residents of Yuhu Village, an isolated community in Yunnan Province, as they prepare to bring light to their annual celebration of Lantern Festival, a tradition that dates back more than 2,000 years. In China, lanterns symbolize prosperity and good fortune, and every year, people throughout the country gather together to light them in celebration of the beginning of spring.

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Alpha Coal and Caterpillar Team Up To Increase Cat® Rope Shovel Productivity 

Cat customer Ken Ferguson has big responsibilities as General Manager of Alpha Coal West. Alpha Coal West is a mine located in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin—the largest coal mining area in the U.S.

Alpha Coal has counted on Cat® equipment to get the job done for more than four decades. But recently, Ferguson and his team saw greater possibilities for their Cat equipment.

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Building the Brand One Step at a Time

The Cat® brand boot that saved Jeremy Givens’ foot wasn’t produced in a Caterpillar factory. But its performance in a pinch was no accident. It reflects Caterpillar’s commitment to quality, durability and customer safety – even with licensed merchandise. Meet the Caterpillar team that works to ensure the company’s values go into every Cat brand product before the name goes on.

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