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Onboard Technologies Help Alabama Contractor Retain Talented Operators

Ask a group of equipment owners to describe the benefits of onboard technology, and you’ll likely hear comments about improved fuel efficiency, increased productivity and reduced downtime. The team at Timmy Hall Timber & Construction in Robertsdale, Alabama, agrees with those answers, but they’d like to add one more—happier operators.

“New, modern technologies keep his workforce in place—keep them happy and more satisfied,” says Lin Roberts, a sales representative for Cat® dealer Thompson Tractor who works with company owner Timmy Hall. “The operator can run all day and not be stressed out and fatigued.”

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When It Comes To Reducing Cycle Times, Cat® Material Handlers Are a “Perfect Fit”

Enter the Cat® 385C Material Handler. Using this specially designed scrap and material handling machine, Nugent reduced its cycle times down to 15-17 seconds—a critical savings for an operation that unloads approximately 1,800 tons of material per hour.

To make sure the 385C MH was properly configured for Nugent’s work, Caterpillar engineers visited the operation to determine exact requirements. The end result is a machine equipped with a 56-foot extended boom, five-cubic-yard general purpose clamshell bucket, standard wide undercarriage, cab riser, counterweight and auto lube system.

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Cat® Grade Control Saves Two Weeks And $15K On Construction Project

With 70 pieces of Cat® equipment in its fleet, Eagle Excavation cites longevity, durability and dependability as key reasons for returning to Caterpillar. Now, you can add technology to the list as well.

“One thing that sets Eagle Excavation apart from our competitors in the area is that we utilize technologies and put them in the hands of people who want to learn,” says Superintendent Michael Terry.

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