Cat® Command for Dozing

Are your operators safe?
Get them out of the cab and out of harm’s way.

Every operator deserves a safe, comfortable working environment. We can help you provide it, even in conditions that could jeopardize the safety of people and equipment, with Cat® Command for dozing. Choose an over-the-shoulder operator console for line-of-sight remote-control operation, or select a comfortable remote operator station that offers line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight control. Both Cat MineStar™ solutions keep your operators out of the cab and out of harm's way. Whether you're dozing on unstable surfaces, handling hazardous materials or working in applications like stockpile feeding, leach pad maintenance or high-wall toe operation, we're there to help you do it more safely.


Making Mining Automation a Reality

Mining automation has long been a dream for those in the industry. Caterpillar is making it happen in a big way - and continuing its journey to developing a fully autonomous mine site. Take a peek inside at the people, technology and innovation that are making this dream a reality

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