1829 mm (72 in)

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Designed to handle a wide array of materials in a variety of operating conditions.

Width 72.0 in 1829.0 mm Less
Height 22.9 in 581.0 mm Less
Weight 485.0 lb 220.0 kg Less
Length 36.4 in 924.0 mm Less
Exposed Fork Tine Length 25.0 in 637.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Diameter 1.3 in 31.75 mm Less
Number of Fork Tines 9 9 Less


Designed for handling a variety of light materials in farming, ranching and landscaping applications.

Primary Uses

Primary uses include removal of dry compacted livestock waste, transport of small bales, handling of loose materials such as straw and hay, loosening of bedding material and aeration of soil.

Not Designed for Large, Round Bales

Hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.