Cat Grade with Slope Assist

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Cat® Grade with Slope Assist provides blade slope/angle control to the cutting edge to achieve accurate slopes with a quality surface finish in less time with less effort — without the need for off-board infrastructure. This integrated machine system uses a blade mounted sensor to calculate necessary blade slope position to achieve desired surface slope and main-fall. The system makes automated adjustments to the lift and tilt cylinders, typically performed by the operator. The in-cab display uses the existing machine display to deliver the information the operator needs to quickly and easily spread or cut material at the correct angle. Two modes are available: basic and advanced. Basic mode maintains the slope of the last given blade command. Advanced mode drives to and maintains a preset target slope. Elevation is controlled manually by matching grade or automatically by adding an elevation control device. This foundational system for dozers can be combined with laser, GNSS or UTS technologies to make grading even more efficient and productive.

Application Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development, Land Leveling Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development, Land Leveling Less
Machine Compatibility Dozers Dozers Less

Basic mode

  • MANUAL Control - provides slope guidance while operator controls the blade.

Auto control

  • Maintains last mainfall and blade slope values input by operator.
  • Mainfall – automates blade LIFT to maintain desired slope.
  • Blade Slope – automates blade TILT to maintain desired slope.

Advanced Mode

  • Combines basic mode capabilities with automated button controls to simplify operation.
  • Recall Value adjusts the blade to the programmed mainfall and slope at the beginning of a pass when auto is pressed.
  • Swap Slope swaps the direction of the recall value.
  • Match Slope matches the highlighted recall value to the actual slope value.
  • Increment/Decrement in autoÑadjusts the actual slope value above the highlighted recall value using right joystick buttons.

Improved operator productivity

  • Enhances initial operator performance

Increased safety

  • Reduces the need for grade checkers, keeping them out of harm's way

Improved fuel efficiency

  • Up to 50% lower fuel consumption thanks to fewer passes

Higher productivity

  • Up to 40% fewer passes necessary to achieve target grade

Reduced wear and tear

  • Enables operators to achieve a straight surface faster, reducing undercarriage shock loads

Less rework

  • Ensures cross slopes and mainfalls match the design with ± 1% accuracy

Reduced operator fatigue

  • Up to 80% reduction of operator inputs, lowering fatigue and keeping operators productive longer