Powering Through Disaster

hurricane sandy
hurricane sandy

Emergency Disaster Relief

Customer: NYSE Euronext

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Customer Business Issue: Mobilization of temporary power to customers due to mass outages resulting from Hurricane Sandy


  • Over 1,400 Cat® generator sets
  • Dozens of transformers and fuel tanks
  • Approximately 2.5 miles of power cable and hundreds of light towers, pumps and heaters

Cat® Dealer: A total of 26 North American Cat dealers

Hurricane Sandy

Devastation in NYC after Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy


Responsible for at least 233 deaths across the U.S., the Caribbean and Canada, Hurricane Sandy slammed the coast of the northeastern U.S. as a Category 2 storm in October 2012. The storm, affecting 24 states and causing an estimated $65 billion in damage, inflicted severe damage in New Jersey and New York.

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge reached New York City, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and causing massive power outages throughout the city. When devastation such as Hurricane Sandy occurs, quick response is essential to Caterpillar’s customers. Through the mobilization of temporary power to customers throughout the region, the Electric Power team and the Cat dealer network supported the recovery efforts in the region.


Cat dealers across the country sent equipment, personnel and other resources to help the affected areas. The Caterpillar Electric Power Division team helped coordinate the response.

“It was important to everyone at Caterpillar that we respond quickly to Hurricane Sandy,” said Bill Rohner, vice president of Caterpillar Electric Power Division. “The response from our Cat dealers was nothing short of phenomenal. The coordination and teamwork displayed is a testament to the professionalism and quality of the Cat dealer network. We’re glad that we were able to play a role in the recovery efforts.”

After the storm hit, more than 1,400 generator sets – creating an astounding 1.1 GW of power – were deployed directly to hundreds of customers, including gas stations, hospitals, supermarkets and commercial and industrial facilities.


For one Caterpillar customer, NYSE Euronext, the backup power of Cat generator sets allowed them to open the markets and run the NYSE trading floor for three days.

“Your Cat generators enabled us to open the markets while the entire area around us was completely without power. I have tremendous appreciation for the quality and power of Cat products, and we are extremely proud to use Cat generators,” said Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext. “The NYSE runs on Cat!”

In addition to the generator sets, dozens of transformers and fuel tanks, 2.5 miles of power cable, and hundreds of light towers, pumps and heaters were also sent into the field. A total of 26 North American dealers – including dealers as far as away as California and Washington – responded directly to customer demand or sent equipment and personnel in support of the recovery effort.

“I’m proud of how everyone in the Cat Rental Power network came together to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy,” said Rick Rathe, global manager, Cat Rental Power. “Our dealers and suppliers worked tirelessly to mobilize equipment to where it was most needed, and hundreds of our technicians were out in the field ensuring the equipment was running smoothly. The storm was big, but our response was even bigger.”

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