Cat Compact with Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping

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Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping systems provide real-time visual references of the passes made and asphalt mat temperatures present for more uniform compaction results.

Application Asphalt Compaction Asphalt Compaction Less
Machine Compatibility Asphalt Compactors Asphalt Compactors Less

Improve compaction results

  • By utilizing Cat Compaction Control technology, second-guessing of where the previous passes were made, and what the existing mat temperatures are, can be eliminated. Distractions, fatigue, multi-tasking, and nighttime operation can affect how well an operator executes the rolling pattern on an asphalt mat.

Pass-count mapping

  • Pass-Count Mapping helps operators ensure consistent mat coverage is achieved when performing rolling patterns.

Temperature mapping

  • Temperature Mapping utilizes infra-red sensors that help operators determine when optimal asphalt mat temperatures exist for compaction. The upper limit is approximately 149º C (300ºF) and the lower limit is approximately 85º C (185º F). Knowing the temperature can also help operators avoid tender zones that can occur around 104º C - 110ºC (219º F - 230º F). These tender zones inhibit compaction and at times the operators must wait until the material cools enough to once again accept compaction.

Simplify nighttime operation

  • Consistent mat coverage can be difficult to achieve during the day when visibility is good. It can be even more difficult during low light periods when it's difficult to see the watermarks that are often used as a guide for mat coverage. The Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping System helps operators monitor coverage through the LCD Display.