Cat Grade with Grade and Slope

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The Cat® Grade and Slope system is designed to remove irregularities from the paved or milled surfaces. The system consists of sensors to control elevation and slope. These sensors can work individually or together to make automatic elevation or cross slope adjustments and maintain the targeted values. Averaging beams equipped with multiple sensors provide a longer averaging area to help remove irregularites for smoother transitions.

Application Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Residential Development Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Residential Development Less
Machine Compatibility Asphalt Paver, Cold Planer Asphalt Paver, Cold Planer Less

Integrated Design

  • Integrated design simplifies setup and calibration and is optimized for Caterpilar equipment. The integrated system resides in the screed and tractor consoles and doesn't require daily removal to stay secure.

User Friendly Displays

  • Visual displays are very intuitive and easy to operate with minimal training required. The straightforward color displays enable the operator to easily configure the system and make necessary adjustments for grade and slope. Multiple language selections are available for diverse paving crews.

Reliable Design

  • The sealed components provide proven durability that withstand the heat, moisture, and vibration associated with asphalt paving. The factory installed system ensures that consistent routing and component locations optimize performance.