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Effective mining starts with accurate drilling. That means drilling every hole precisely to plan, at the proper angle and the correct depth. Cat® MineStar™ Terrain for drilling provides precision guidance that helps operators complete patterns accurately and productively. It pays other dividends, as well, by improving safety, reducing costs and recording data about drilled stratification to aid in planning blasts and improving fragmentation. And it works with all brands of drills and communicates seamlessly with MineStar and other mine management systems.


Depth Accuracy within 10 cm

With accurate depth sensing to ensure holes are consistently drilled to exactly the right toe depth

10% Improvement in Consumables Costs

By tracking drill consumables for economical planned replacement based on actual usage

Significant Cost Reductions

With less need for explosives, lower consumables costs, and no movement with pipe-in-hole

Product Specifications for Cat Terrain for Drilling

Application Surface Mining Surface Mining

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Terrain for Drilling

Terrain for Drilling

Terrain for Drilling
Terrain for Drilling

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