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Natural Disaster Assistance

When you own equipment or do most of your work outdoors, a natural disaster can wreak havoc on your business. We understand, and we’re here to help you get through the tough times.

recovering from disaster

Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods: When natural disaster strikes, the ramifications on your personal and business lives can be severe. You may be dealing with lost property, damaged equipment, cancelled projects and even emotional burdens — all of which can affect your ability to run your business.

We know recovery takes time and you may need a helping hand as you rebuild. If you’ve been affected, please contact our customer relations team for natural disaster support. We’re committed to working with you to find solutions to keep you in business.


We’re Here to Help 

Call +6221-2939-2999 for natural disaster assistance.

We're here to help.
Customer Solutions

Call +6221-2939-2999 for natural disaster assistance.

phone +6221-2939-2999




Scam artists prey on residents and businesses seeking natural disaster support. Be wary of fraudulent assistance and work only with organizations you know and trust. Experts say online fraud costs businesses billions every year. Here are three common tricks fraudsters use to gain access to your financial data.


Payment redirection
Payment redirection

Payment Redirection

If you receive a communication from someone claiming to be with Cat Financial, asking for your credit card number or instructing you to send a payment elsewhere, refuse and contact us directly. Fraudsters may try to scare you by saying you must make an immediate payment to avoid late fees or repossession.

unexpected checks
unexpected checks

Unexpected Checks

If you receive an unexpected check from Cat Financial, don’t deposit it and contact us directly. Fraudsters sometimes mail fake checks bearing the name of legitimate companies to potential victims. Then they claim the check was mistakenly issued and instruct you to deposit it in your account — allowing you to keep a portion of the money for your trouble but requiring you to transfer the balance back. After wiring the money to the fraudster, you’ll receive a notice that the deposited check has bounced.

Requests for Personal Information
Requests for Personal Information

Requests for Personal Information

If you receive a text, phone call or email from someone claiming to be Cat Financial that requests personal information, do not provide it and contact us immediately. We may periodically send you messages via email or text, but we will never ask for personal information like account numbers.

Report Suspicious Activity

Report suspicious activity implicating Cat Financial immediately. Contact your local support representative.

Report Fraud



8 Tips to Minimize Your Risk

Following these four DOs and avoiding these four DON’Ts will help keep your financial information secure.