Cat® H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers
Cat® H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers

Designed for durability, Cat® H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers deliver high performance, provide easy maintenance


For Release in South America, Africa, Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia: April 2024
Release Number: 98PR24


  • H120 GC hammers sustain high vibrations with standard high-vibration adapter
  • High impact frequency breaks through tough material quickly
  • Slip-fit and 90-degree rotatable lower bushing for double life offers quick maintenance and helps lower overall maintenance cost


Design updates for the new Cat® H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers help to increase operating reliability to deliver a low cost-per-hour solution for rock breaking and concrete demolition.  Hydraulic efficiencies help increase overall productivity in road construction, trenching and demolition applications, while quick access to maintenance areas helps reduce costs and increase hammer uptime.

Made from high-quality alloy steel, the H110 GC and H120 GC power cells undergo a two-stage heat treatment process to increase durability and lower service costs. Hydraulic components are shielded from damage by heavy duty side plates. Increasing hammer durability and productivity, the Cat H120 GC features a standard high-vibration adapter, allowing the hammer to withstand sustained high vibrations.

Large diameter hammer tools – 3.9 in (100 mm) and 5.5 in (140 mm) for the H110 GC and H120 GC respectively – feature high frequency and impact power to quickly break through tough rock and concrete. Power combines with fast, impact frequencies – 350 to 700 blows per minute (BPM) for the H110 GC and 350 to 550 BPM for the H120 GC – to make short work of breaking through material, helping increase production and efficiency at the jobsite.

Both hammers feature a slip-fit and 90-degree rotatable lower bushing for simple replacement in the field and helps extend service life to lower service time and costs. Daily tool inspection and grease points are accessible from the ground with the hammer mounted on the machine to improve safety, while maintenance areas are quick to access for simplified maintenance. Extending hammer life, reinforced connecting hardware and easy bolt tightening help to provide strong, durable joints.

The Cat H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers are fully tested and validated with matched machines for better performance and compatibility. Recommended tool carrier weight for the H110 GC ranges from 22,046 to 39,680 lb (10 to 18 tonnes) and from 39,680 to 66,140 lb (18 to 30 tonnes) for the H120 GC.

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H110 GC and H120 GC Hammers



H110 GC

H120 GC

Operating weight top mount min., lb (kg)*

2,022 (917)

4,418 (2004)

Operating weight side mount min., lb (kg)

1,766 (801)

4,028 (1827)

Rated flow min., gpm (lpm)  

21 (80)

32 (120)

Operating pressure min., psi (kPa)  

2,132 (14 700)

2,277 (15 700)

Tool diameter, in (mm)

3.9 (100)

5.5 (140)

Blows per minute, min/max



Recommended carrier weight min., lb (tonnes)

22,046 (10)

39,680 (18)

Recommended carrier weight max., lb (tonnes)

39,680 (18)

66,140 (30)

*Top mount hammer operating weight may vary based on bracket and linkage configuration.



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Cat Hammers with 320 GX Excavators

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Cat H120 GC Hammer

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Cat H120 GC Hammer

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Cat Hammers with 320 GX Excavators
Cat H120 GC Hammer
Cat H120 GC Hammer

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